Do you know? Apple Watch Series 3 is out. Should you buy it or not?

The Apple Watch Series 3 was announced in September 2017 by Apple alongside the iPhone 8, and iPhone X. Powered by a dual-core processor from Apple S3 and was the first Apple Watch with full mobile connectivity. The Series 3 may seem like the most accessible and most affordable entry into the world of Apple Watches. Still, we strongly recommend a different model if you are looking for frustration and disappointment exercises.    

What will the new Apple Watch Series 3 cost?

When it first unveiled, the price of the Apple Watch Series 3 started at $369. By 2021, Apple had sold the Series 3 as part of its Apple Watch range, and it was beginning to show its age and become harder to recommend.    

The look:

When you look at the Apple Watch Series 3 Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6, the first thing that strikes you is how different the designs are. The Apple Watch had a more boxy design with a smaller display and larger bezel. Both Series 3 and Series 6 have slimmer bezels and rounded display corners.   

Apple announced that it would continue to sell the Apple Watch Series 3 with the Apple Watch Series 7 in September 2021. The Apple Watch Series 3 debuted at $199 on Apple in 2017, and it seemed to be an affordable way for users to try out an Apple Watch of any size. It is Apple’s most expensive watch model, but it has both big and small flaws that you might regret when you buy it. Here’s why you should avoid it.    

Why won’t this new Apple Watch be too good for you?

Anyone who has used an iPhone in its prime knows that Apple offers updates for older devices. But that doesn’t mean they’re running as well as they used to. The Apple Watch Series 3 is beginning to show its age frustratingly.   

Thanks to the tiny 8GB of storage space, upgrading the watch to the latest version of WatchOS is a complicated process. Even if you never use your Apple Watch, these 8GB will fill up pretty quickly.    

Provided Apple continues to support Series 3, future WatchOS updates (e.g., Due to the size of the WatchOS update, there may not be enough updates after you install the update to back up your clock data, so restore your data from a backup. Remember this every time you update WatchOS. It should not prove irritating the first time you need to update.   

The company has not announced any plans to discontinue the support, and it has not submitted a long-term plan for the future of Series 3. Those who want to buy the product could see Apple’s end support for the watch later this year. If you have a budget, there are better options than the Apple Watch.   

What other options do we have?

 The Apple Watch SE is a better option for most people than the Series 3, but the SE will cost $279 from September 2021, while the Series 3s will cost $199. If you were even thinking about buying an Apple Watch, these costs could be a deal-breaker. That said, if you want an Apple Watch, the Apple Watch is worth the extra money.    

It is hard to imagine Apple continuing to sell the Apple Watch Series 3. Given the aging design and questions about future software features, making purchase recommendations is also challenging. The Apple Watch SE is slightly bigger with 44mm and 40mm case sizes, while the series 3 is available in 42mm and 38mm case sizes. Like the Series 3, it features a dual-core processor, a heart rate sensor, and a promised battery life of 18 hours.    

If possible, it’s worth looking at the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS and third-party phone, which has 16GB of storage, compared to the 8GB model with GPS-only storage. The Apple Watch will be shown live at WWDC next week but discontinued in the fall when Apple unveils the Apple Watch Series 7. It is an excellent beginner apple watch if you can accept the limitations and are okay with not getting many new software features in the future. 

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