AWS pitches unique ‘Top Secret’ province for government security agencies

What is the new top-secret announcement Amazon did?

Amazon’s cloud division AWS announced a new “top secret” zone this week, specifically designed for the US government. This is Amazon’s second region. The company now has “top secret” areas on the east coast and west of the United States.    

“AWS Top Secret-West is there to manage workloads at the US Top Secret guard category level. The new region has added more geographically dispersed AZs from AWS Top Secret-East,” Max Peterson of Amazon wrote in a corporate blog post. New region. 

Today, a company experiencing a disruption in the East Coast region realizes that government customers have different needs.    

You cannot host them on a multiplayer server farm with the rest of humanity. They need isolation and security, and that’s why the top-secret regions were created. “AWS is committed to helping our defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers. Thus, partners accomplish their most important missions,” Peterson wrote. Last year, as the company battled Microsoft over its 10-year cloud contract with JEDI. It could point to this top-secret region as proof of its ability to meet those unique requirements.   

That contract was eventually terminated, lost in litigation, and is perhaps another way to show how Amazon is prepared to deal with sensitive material like DoD in the future. The new site offers government customers a way to distribute their workloads across geographic regions and then select different Availability Zones. The area has been certified by several government agencies to provide the level of security demanded by target clients. Including the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Directive on the Intelligence Community (ICD 503) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Publication (SP) 800-53 Revision 4. Amazon Web Services Inc. launched AWS Top Secret West Region. The company’s second top-secret information delivery cluster in the United States. Following the launch in 2017 of what is now AWS Top Secret East. The new group is dedicated to serving US defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers.    

With the new cluster, DHS customers can now choose their region to build a high-availability architecture and store data closer to users to handle latency-sensitive workloads. The AWS top-secret area announced later on Monday is environmentally friendly. Although it is top-secret, it is obviously an important consideration. 

With this new service, government customers can now include multiple Availability Zones, enabling Deep State to create a highly resilient architecture. The top-secret region meets the same high reliability, availability, and durability standards as other AWS regions. Other features include the ability for government customers to manage production databases and ultra-low latency applications more flexibly than a single data center.   

The secret zone supports synchronous data doppelganger to another location in the same region or asynchronous replication. It is said that AWS customers benefit from data center and network architecture. Therefore, is designed to meet the needs of the most security-sensitive organizations. In this case, the US government and its various departments. According to AWS, AWS Top Secret complies with more ratings, laws, regulations, and security structures than any other cloud provider. The AWS top-secret area is also designed and constructed to meet the regulatory and regulatory requirements of the defense and intelligence communities. The certification includes security compliance with ICD 503, Director of the National Intelligence Community, and SP 800-53. A special publication of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  

“AWS is committed to helping our defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers and partners complete their most important tasks.” AWS Global Public Sector Vice President Max Peterson said in his blog. The new region is more than 1,000 miles away from AWS Top-Secret East and will provide defense, intelligence, and homeland security customers with access to a multi-region architecture to increase resiliency and availability. According to Max Peterson’s AWS blog post, the new AWS Top Secret Region has passed the National Intelligence Community Directive (ICD 503) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (SP) Special Publication 800-53 Revision 4 for security compliance certification. President of AWS, the global public sector. NextGov reported on this new area for the first time.   

In 2014, AWS opened Top-Secret East, a commercial air-gap cloud accredited to support personal workloads. In 2017, the company launched the AWS Secret Region, which gives federal agencies the ability to store and work with classified data in the cloud, up to and including secret.    

“As we continue to innovate with our customers. They are given the tools to accomplish their tasks with greater speed, agility, and confidence,” Peterson said. “By removing the heavy undifferentiated lift of the underlying US IT infrastructure, defense, intelligence, and homeland security, communities can focus on maintaining US security.” 

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