Looking for The Best Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards?

Well, if you are a keyboard lover, then you know how deep the mechanical keyboard world is. With various customization, keyboards are building up crazily. Here is a list of some amazing Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards.

Did you know what hot-swapping stands for?

 When a keyboard gets hot-swapped, it means the PCB that consists of some special sockets helps you pull the switches by just clicking on them without a need for any soldering gun. Hot-swapping enables you to change the buttons without any extra hassle.

Well, if you are hunting for hot-swappable mechanical keyboards to get your hands on great custom mechanical keyboards, we have something special for you. But, before that, let us also understand what you should look for when buying a hot-swappable keyboard.

What should you look for in your hot-swappable mechanical keyboards?


If you are aware of the mechanical keyboard world, you know how many layouts are lying there for you. Some keyboards use Full, TKL 75% layouts. These layout boards come with the most number of keys except a Numpad. While the 60% layout boards are compact and cheaper, you lose any keys if you choose them. Layouts matter, so know exactly what you are looking for.

Always check the Switch Compatibility:

Below are the boards that we have shortlisted for you, and all of them are compatible with all MX- Style switches including, Kailh, Outemu, Gateron, and Cherry.

Quality Check:

Well, you know that mechanical keyboards do not come at a meagre price, so a good quality check is necessary before you invest your money. 

The Extra Features:

How can you not look for the additional features when you are spending so much? Look for the RGB lighting, adjustable Kickstands, and macros.


If you are looking for a wireless option, you get left with the Keychron K6 and K8. Else you can just pick a well-wired connection board.

Below is an Aisle of Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards Options That Might Interest You.

Drop Alt Mechanical Keyboard
Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards
Drop Alt Mechanical Keyboard

Drop Alt comes with unique features and crazy customization. However, The ALT is made from a 65% keyboard layout, so it misses many keys compared to CTRL. Although this keyboard is compact and saves a lot of space on your desk, and lacks all the dedicated function keys and the navigation keys.

As it is one of the compact keyboards, the other keys are also placed to look too cramped. However, you can take out some hours and adjust the keys according to your suitability.

Drop Alt also comes with the same switch options as the CTRL. The high profiles come in black, and the low comes in grey. Go through the specifications and pick this keyboard if it fits you.

Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards
Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards
Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard

Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) comes in three different sizes: Full, TKL, and 60%. The keyboard is made of sandblasted aluminium plate, and the keycaps of the keyboard are made of Doubleshot ABS plastic. Did you know? GMMK comes with 13 various keyboard switches. Also, if you prefer RGB lighting, all you would have to do is install the GMMK software and enjoy.

KeyChron K6 Keyboard
Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboard
KeyChron K6

If you are looking for wireless mechanical keyboards, Keychron K6 is the product for you. Did you know? K6 was mechanical keyboards first try with hot-swapping. This is a 65% keyboard that is a good package of Bluetooth connection, comes with ample options for Board matches. The best feature of the K6 is its 72-hour battery life.

K6 comes with blue, red, and Gateron Brown switches options if you like customizing your keyboard. You can either add some white backlighting or can turn it into a full RGB, whatever suits you.

KeyChron K6 comes with many options that might interest you. However, the only issue it has is no software to reprogram your key switches. In addition, the builder of K6 is still working on the software, and updates say that the software might start running from next year. 

Although, the builder already programmed ample alternate functions into many key switches that help you not fe3el the lack of software. Suppose you think that it would be too much to memorize. Well, Kychron has already printed the alternative functions they programmed on the ABS Keycaps. So, you know it’s the right choice to make. K6 has too much to offer the user. Dig deep into the specifications and then buy.

Well, the list of Hot-Swappable Mechanical Keyboards goes on. These were the top models that might interest you if you are a mechanical keyboard geek. Research more about what you exactly are looking for in your keyboard and then make an investment. Moreover, if you are looking for something else like a good branded Television set, you can check it out here.

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