Samsung RS27T5200SR  Detailed Review for Potential buyers

The Samsung RS27T5200SR (available at Samsung for $1,399.00) is one of the only modern refrigerators from the megabrand that doesn’t use its own smart fridge software, Family Hub. This side-by-side refrigerator, on the other hand, concentrates on providing clients with a different kind of smart feature: a multi-event system that uniformly distributes temperatures throughout the device. We like this unique feature since it maintains a consistent temperature throughout the fridge section. The RS27T5200SR also boasts more storage space than the normal side-by-side refrigerator, which is a plus for people who need freezer room (though at 12 inches wide, it still won’t hold most regular 14-inch frozen pizza boxes). These two features may lack the showy “wow” effect of some other modern refrigerators, but greatness doesn’t require a gimmick: One of the best side-by-sides we’ve tested is the RS27T5200SR. If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, the LG LSXS26366S is a terrific option. It offers outstanding performance at a low price.

The RS27T5200SR has a traditional side-by-side layout, with the fridge on the right and the freezer on the left. The through-the-door dispenser is also located on the left door. When you open up the right-hand compartment, you’ll see a typical side-by-side configuration with plenty of locked-in storage and two crisper drawers at the bottom. The ice maker is housed in the left-hand compartment, which takes up the majority of the door’s interior.


Multi-vent technology
The RS27T5200SR’s multi-event system is one of its most appealing features, and it performed admirably in our controlled lab tests.
To begin with, the RS27T5200SR displays no temperature gradient at all. To put things in perspective, most refrigerators have a single vent at the top of the back wall that pumps in cold air. This might cause products on higher shelves to become colder than items on lower shelves, perhaps blocking off air circulation from entire shelves that are overly crowded and causing items at the bottom to spoil early. The RS27T5200SR attempts to address this issue by employing numerous vents of varying heights to distribute cold air more uniformly throughout the refrigerator.
We found that the top shelves in the RS27T5200SR averaged a near-perfect 36°F, dropped to 34°F in the middle shelves, and then increased to 36°F at the bottom. Whereas the usual fridge has a 3°F to 6°F temperature variation between the top and bottom, the vent zones here have just a couple of degrees of difference, and the top is essentially the same temperature as the bottom.
Furthermore, the temperatures during testing remained stable over time and during typical operation. During our testing period, temperatures in the fridge fluctuated by less than 1°F despite defrost cycles and daily use. This is a remarkable level of temperature stability.

More room to store your food
The RS27T5200SR has more storage space than the usual side-by-side, but not being as large as its cousin, the RS27T5561SR. The fridge compartment measures 12.67 cubic feet, which is 1.75 cubic feet more than the average side-by-side refrigerator. We’re talking about a substantial difference here: 1 cubic foot is roughly the size of four basketballs.
The freezer is slightly larger than typical as well. The freezer has a volume of 5.7 cubic feet, which is 0.35 cubic feet more than the average. However, every little bit helps, especially for a side-by-side, which often has trouble fitting bulkier objects into its small column.
For those of us who prefer frozen pizza, the RS27T5200SR can fit your beloved CPK Crispy Thin Crust version, which is 12-inches square in the package. However, you’ll have to tilt that pizza to fit it into the normal 14-inch package, which means less space for your favorite frozen pies and, as a result, more grocery store excursions.

Minimalist through-the-door dispenser

We enjoy using a decent through-the-door dispenser, and the Samsung RS27T5200SR’s is no exception. We didn’t feel at risk of accidently activating the dispenser, but we also didn’t have to struggle with it because the activation paddle provided exactly the proper amount of resistance.
The dispenser works with both cubed and crushed ice, and the transparent reservoir inside the freezer section allows you to keep an eye on your ice supply at a glance.


Few customizations for storage
Side-by-side refrigerators offer limited shelf repositioning options due to their design. The RS27T5200SR has more raw storage space than the ordinary side-by-side refrigerator, but you’re stuck with the configuration. There are no additional slots available to insert shelves at a different height because all of the shelving is molded into the walls.
The freezer can feel particularly claustrophobic, with a shelf width of about 12″ barely enough to store some common frozen meals. This is not a refrigerator that can accommodate large stuff.

Should you buy this?

If you don’t need a smart fridge, the RS27T5200SR has a clean, modest style and more storage space than we’d anticipate from a side-by-side refrigerator. The through-the-door dispenser with a transparent ice bucket that allows you to quickly see the volume of ice was one of our favourites. The multi-vent system does an excellent job of keeping temps in the fridge from rising too high. Temperatures this stable are uncommon and will keep your food fresh for an extended period of time.
If you’re searching for a fridge that works with Samsung’s renowned Family Hub smart home system, we recommend the RS27T5561SR, which we believe is one of the best ways to get started with a smart home.

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