How to Remove Error Messages from Google Sheets?

While working on Google Sheets, there might be times when you will come across an error message because you broke a formula. And obviously, no one wants these error messages to spam their neat sheet. 

Hence, we have brought you the process you can use to hide these error messages using the IFERROR function. Therefore, providing that the overall data isn’t affected.

How does the IFERROR function work?

The IFERROR work checks whether the formula that you’re utilizing brings about a mistake. If it does, IFERROR permits you to return an elective message or, on the other hand, if you’d like, no message by any stretch of the imagination. This shrouds any potential mistake messages when you’re performing calculations in Google Sheets.

There are chances that the error messages may not show an issue. Mainly if you’re performing calculations on data that joins text and information. Assuming you can conceal these messages totally, you’ll need to nest your underlying equations inside an IFERROR function.

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How to Use it?

IFERROR is a very easy-to-use function with two arguments. The syntax of the formula is =IFERROR(A2, “Message”)

The two arguments in the function represent two different formulas. The first one, A2(as in the example above), is the formula checking for errors. As the model above shows, this could allude to different cells (cell A2 in this guide) to shroud error messages that show up somewhere else.

If you like, these formulas can be nested into an IFERROR function directly.

The second contention in an IFERROR equation is the custom error message that replaces Google Sheets’ statement.

If you’d like to have no error message, you can utilize a clear book string as your subsequent argument.

Maybe the empty text string is “showed” rather than showing a mistake, but as this isn’t noticeable, the cell seems vacant. Unlike Excel’s own IFERROR recipe, IFERROR in Google Sheets will likewise shroud mistake pointers, the little red bolts that show up above cells to caution you of an error.

The IFERROR will not fix issues with your calculations. Yet, if you need to tidy up your page and wouldn’t fret about missing a couple of error messages, IFERROR is an ideal approach to accomplish that in Google Sheets.

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