How to cancel my Uber Eats Pass?

What does Uber Pass mean?

An Uber Eats Pass is a membership for Premium customers, where you pay a monthly fee for various benefits. Because of the monthly cost, most consumers are reluctant to sign up for an Uber pass.    

 What Are The Benefits And Bonuses Available For You With Uber One?

 Some passes from legacy partnerships provide the Eats Pass features to customers. Uber Pass subscriptions will convert to an Uber One at their expiration date.    

Customers will get a free ride and discounted food on a new membership, which costs $99.99 a year or $9.99 per month. Customers must pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 to use Uber Eats Pass Membership.    

Most new customers use uber eats after a free trial, then try to cancel. Now, customers can cancel their uber pass membership anytime, provided it is at least 24 hours before the next scheduled charge. They have to pay the next bill if they do not.  

It is straightforward and fast to cancel an Uber Eats Pass membership. Customers can cancel their Uber Pass subscription anytime, up to 24 hours before the next payment is due. 

How to cancel my Uber Pass?

To cancel your uber pass, please take the steps outlined below. To get started, start the Uber Eats app on an iPhone or Android device.    

  • Go to the Account Menu option under Apps once you have signed in. 
  • Then, at the bottom, click on your profile icon. 
  • Then, in the Eat Pass hub, click Manage Memberships.   
  • Click on “End Membership” to cancel your Uber Pass. 
  • You should also follow the instructions provided on the Uber app screen.
  •  You can opt-out of the Uber Pass service by following the above procedures.   

Customers may still use their Uber Pass benefits once they have unsubscribed through the end of their current billing cycle. Remember that the steps outlined above can also be used to cancel an Uber Eats Pass free trial membership.   

How do I get my uber Eats Pass refunded if I cancel it?.

Once you have completed the cancellation process, customers will receive a refund on their Uber Eats Pass.

Customers must reach out to Customer Service or talk with someone from Uber Eats to receive their Eats Pass refund. You will not be able to use the benefits of an Eats Pass again after requesting your refund.    

The yearly cost is Y=3,998 if you are using the reduced annual plan.    

You have to cancel your Uber Eats Pass membership within 30 days after signing up to get a full refund. You will not receive a full refund after 30 days. Please contact the Uber Eats Customer Service team to get your refund. Customers must agree with the terms & conditions stated above if they wish to receive a refund. Also, if you have a question regarding Uber Eats membership or refund, please contact Customer Care.   

You can also comment below with your queries. People with lots of experience will answer them as soon as possible.  

What is the process to opt-out of receiving emails from Uber Eats or message notifications? Uber Eats, just like any other company, sends out promotional emails and texts to their customers.  

If you do not wish to receive these, respond with the word STOP to any notification you have received. . Go to your inbox to opt out of Uber Eats emails. Open the UberEats email you were sent. Go to the very bottom of this email.    

The option to “unsubscribe” can be found there. Tap it, then follow the on-screen instructions. You can quickly opt out of unwelcome emails and notifications from Uber Eats by following the instructions above.  

Uber Eats has launched a new subscription program called Uber One. It is basically an alternative to an Uber Pass membership. If you are a new customer looking to get into Uber One, you get 50% off. However, this offer might be only available for a limited time. 

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