How can I register and activate my Walmart Money card?

How can I use a Walmart MoneyCard?

Your Walmart MoneyCard acts like a credit card whose limit you control. To use it, pay the amount you are willing to spend in advance. This will be your limit.  

Walmart MoneyCard is a safe and convenient way to shop without going over your limit. You can use MoneyCard wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. This is a safe way to give a check to children under 16 and 17.    

Can I get a replacement if I lose my Walmart MoneyCard?

If your Walmart MoneyCard is lost or stolen, your card may be cancelled. After that, you will receive a replacement. If you have a new Walmart MoneyCard, you must register it before using it.   

You can get the card at participating Walmart stores or on their website. Finding Walmart Stores helps you find participating stores near you.    

Can I get and use a Walmart MoneyCard at any age?

You are not eligible for a card if you are under 18. Users aged 16-17 must obtain parental permission. Walmart Money cards are popular because they are straightforward and valuable even with bad credit. You just need to provide your details like; date of birth, identification data and social security number. 

Once you have purchased a Walmart MoneyCard, you need to activate it. You can use it as a debit card. It’s also useful when you’re on the go. You can reload the card every time it runs out of power.   

Contact Walmart and ask them to help you activate your Walmart MoneyCard. If you’re having trouble registering your Walmart MoneyCard, you can contact customer support for help. Explain that you have had a difficult time and indicate what kind of help you would like to receive.    

How can I activate my Walmart MoneyCard?

You can add money to your card in a few easy steps.

 You can recharge the card by cashing a check or in cash. You can top up your card at any participating Walmart store. Do this by placing a direct deposit, depositing a check, or using an online bank transfer.   

You can also use the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app. Some Walmart MoneyCard cardholders can use the Cash-Back Rewards Photo Voucher.    

When you register your Walmart MoneyCard, you don’t have to worry about your creditworthiness. Walmart MoneyCard is not a credit card. This is a rechargeable prepaid card that does not affect your credit history.   

If you need help registering or activating your Walmart MoneyCard, you can contact support for assistance. Please visit the Help Desk before contacting them.   

It has targeted tips and advice on a variety of topics. After researching them, you will probably find one that suits your preferences.  

Most customers find help at the help desk, so they don’t need to contact Walmart MoneyCard directly. The best way to get Walmart MoneyCard is by phone. You have the opportunity to speak directly with an agent who will help you resolve the issue. Walmart MoneyCard does not offer email or social media support.   

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