Your Xfinity wi-fi getting Disconnected Abruptly: Here are Sokeepsme Quick fixes

The whole purpose of getting a wi-fi is to get fast internet to get a better workflow. But the purpose gets defeated when your wi-fi keeps getting disconnected. Recently there have been complaints that the Xfinity wi-fi keeps getting disconnected abruptly.

Though this is not a problem, and you don’t need an engineering degree to fix it unless the problem is much bigger than a regular one.

Today we have brought a few quick fixes for small problems that you might be facing.

The Probable Problems

The most probable reasons why your wi-fi keeps dropping can be:

Loose Cable- The first and foremost reason, which generally can be the issue, is a loose cable. The cable that can connect with your modem often can get loose and cause a complete loss of connection.

Signal Interface- Among one of the most common reasons for the loss of connection is signal interference by some other device in your household. Several devices can cause this problem(look for the ones that produce electromagnetic waves.)

Proximity- Even though it is a wireless connection but it has a limit of a few meters. You may be sitting too far from your router resulting in a weak signal and loss of connection.

Problem From Service Provider-  There might be a chance that the problem you face is because of some issue with your internet service provider.

Malfunctioning Router-  If you have already checked for all the aforementioned problems and don’t think any of them is the reason for the loss of connection. Then there might be a chance that your router is not functioning properly.

How to Fix Xfinity Wi-Fi Problems

How can you fix the problems?

Many of these problems are not very big of an issue. These minor problems can be fixed by following elementary steps:

Check the Cables- Make sure that all the cables connected with your router are in good condition. There is no wear and tear, and the cables are firmly connected. In case some joints split the connection, make sure that they have a proper connection.

Move Your Router-  If you found out that you were losing connection because of the distance from your router, maybe you should consider moving your router. The best place to keep your router is to place it somewhere in the centre of your place.

Clean Your Router-  There is a chance that the router is not functioning properly because of the dust particles harming the machinery. To make sure that this doesn’t become a problem again, clean your router and all its ports.

Clear the Clutter-  There is a chance that too many devices are connected to your router. Remove some of the, to enjoy better speed.

Restart Your Router- An effortless way to troubleshoot any problem on your own is to restart your router. This results in resetting the router taking everything to default, and fixing any persistent problem.

Disable Security Software- There are chances that the security software on your device is causing irregular connections. At times, these software mark your connection as a threat.

The best to get around this problem is to disable your software for the time being and then connect with the wi-fi.

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