Top 11 Cameos Made by Musicians

Moviegoers prefer films with straightforward plots, which is why musical biopics have become so popular. The other is, of course, that the actors who star in such films are also extremely well-known. Watching a movie about a famous vocalist and seeing an in the background have a look at the tunes we’re all familiar with is enthralling. These films frequently depict what we wouldn’t see in front of an audience: battles, assurances, and transgressions. Furthermore, something is captivating about watching celebrities develop as artists, whether they’re lip-syncing to well-known music or managing vocals themselves. In comparison, there are so many films on artists to choose from.

It’s the same old story: entertainers must be artists, and performers must be entertainers. Unfortunately, only a few people can do both successfully (Donald Glover/Childish Gambino is one of the rare exceptions). Fortunately, heroes and rappers can still partake in the Hollywood lifestyle by appearing (abruptly) in films and television series.

Here are the performers who have made appearances in films.

Keith Richards – Pirates of the Caribbean

In reality, who looks enough like an ancient privateer that no one would consider him for the role of Captain Teague (Jack Sparrow’s father)? Without a doubt, the most well-known guitarists of all time. If you didn’t have the foggiest concept about his weathered face far in advance, the Rolling Stones sign finds a way into the job so well that you’d accept him as just another entertainer in the outfit. It’s unpleasant to look at, but Richards’ eerily comfortable and somewhat postponed carriage is also an excellent match for what we imagine Captain Jack’s father to sound and act like.

Keith Richards - Pirates of the Caribbean

Gwen Stefani – The Aviator

Gwen Stefani (No Doubt) appears briefly as the 1930s entertainer Jean Harlow in this Martin Scorsese adaptation of Howard Hughes’ story. In one of the preceding moments, she may be seen strolling next to Howard (played by Leonardo DeCaprio).

Gwen Stefani - The Aviator

Kanye West – Anchorman 2

If all other factors were equal, there was a strong desire to place Kanye’s brief appearance in The Love Guru, just for the reason that no one saw the film, and even fewer would remember that Kanye was in it. Broadcaster 2 won out because, although the picture was intended to be packed with cameos, none of them were quite as crucial as Yeezy (aside from perhaps Harrison Ford transforming into a werewolf). Was the combat scene unnecessarily long, unnecessary, and over-the-top? Totally, but it’s excellent to cram a small number of fantastic cameos into the film, including Kanye as MTV News anchor.

Kanye West - Anchorman 2

Alanis Morissette – Dogma

Back in 1999, Kevin Smith’s controversial, humorous take on religion, Dogma, raised many eyebrows. In the film, Jesus was dark, and God was a lady, with Alanis Morissette playing the latter.

Alanis Morissette - Dogma

David Bowie – Zoolander

In the film The Prestige, David Bowie gave a fantastic performance as Nikola Tesla. Nonetheless, we elected to provide him with the gesture for his capacity judgment during the Zoolander saunter-off moment.

David Bowie - Zoolander

Jack White – Walk Hard

Dewey Cox had many excellent music references and cameos, but none were as good as Jack White’s portrayal of Elvis Presley. They weren’t, no. White is an Elvis Presley devotee (he covertly bought and re-delivered the King’s first autobiography). His appearance in the film may be the most remarkable feature of it all. Is White the greatest Elvis impersonator of all time? Probably doubtful, although he could be the most interesting (and musically proficient) Elvis to appear in a new film.

Jack White - Walk Hard

Jim Morrison – The Doors

This biography of Jim Morrison, The Doors, and the wild sex, medicines, and rock and roll of the 1960s nonconformity is directed by Oliver Stone, known for his over-the-top style. Meg Ryan and Kyle MacLachlan play Morrison’s sweetheart Pamela Courson and bandmate Ray Manzarek.

Jim Morrison - The Doors

Tom Waits – The Outsiders

Waits have recently appeared in a slew of films, often in pivotal roles.

Regardless, one of his most dependable and authentic appearances was in the 1983 film adaptation of this beloved S.E. Hinton novel. Holds up’s screen time in the role of Buck Merrill was limited to a bar scene, where he opened the door for a fearful Pony Boy (C. Thomas Howell) and Johnny (Ralph Macchio), who were looking for Dallas (Matt Dillon). Holds up has a few lines, yet his precise performance exudes the chill he exudes all the time.

Tom Waits - The Outsiders

Chris Cornell – Singles

Cameron Crowe’s sublime 1992 film about single life amid Seattle’s burgeoning music scene featured some of the grunge period’s most influential bands. In the movie, Soundgarden was one of such meetings. When late frontman

Cornell discreetly gazed at the new speaker’s Cliff (Matt Dillon) introduced in Janet’s vehicle in front of an audience. That didn’t go well for Bridget Fonda’s character, but it’s still one of the most critical scenes in the movie.

Chris Cornell - Singles

Brian Wilson – Love & Mercy

Beach Boys frontman Brian Wilson is portrayed by Paul Dano and John Cusack in this biopic. Wilson’s fights with psychological maladjustment and his treatment program are depicted in Love and Mercy. It moves back and forth between the 1960s and the 1980s, showing his bouts with psychological maladjustment and his psychotherapy program.

Brian Wilson - Love & Mercy

John Lennon – Nowhere Boy

The cause for this biopic about the performer’s early childhood is Julia Baird’s journal of her sibling John Lennon, which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the young man who may become one of the world’s most successful singers.

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