What’s New with The Nike Pegasus 38 and Why to Buy it?

What does it tell you about a running shoe when it is in its 38th edition? Well, it says that they are reliable and obviously good with the task they need to perform. But all of this is not even required when you get to know it is a Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38.

The new edition of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus frankly seems like an upgrade from the previous edition. These are the shoes that define reliability as they are used by top athletes like Eluid Kipchoge and Bernard Lagat. But this doesn’t make it something elite they are used by the common people alike.

Here are all the things you might want to know before going ahead to make them your running partner.

Details of Nike Pegasus 38

Weight- 260g

Heel drop- 10 mm

Support type- Neutral

Terrain- Road

What’s new with the Nike Pegasus 38?

A new last that gives the toe box additional volume. Lacing is exceptionally similar, with only a few minor differences. The eyelets are a touch less thick, and the midfoot webbing allows it to fit a little better over the arch. The tongue isn’t as narrow and short as it was in the 37, but it’s plusher and longer, creating a softer and more comfortable base. The Pegasus 37 tongue caused problems for some people who wanted to secure a lock lace fit and use all of the shoelace eyelets available since they ran out of material to lace over.
The heel cuff’s slightly modified fit should prevent any heel issues that a few runners experienced with the 37. The upper material appears to be plusher; it is still sandwich mesh, but it feels comfier. The redesigned padded tongue and heel collar, as well as the sandwich mesh upper, make for a nicer and more comfortable shoe.

Why would you buy a Nike Pegasus 38?

These are terrific all-around daily trainers that can be worn for both long and short runs. At toe-off, the energy return (bounce) is smaller than in earlier iterations. However, there is no discomfort after the run.
The shoe runs true to size and has a similar fit to previous models. If you’re used to running in shoes with a smaller heel drop, a 10mm midsole can be a little uncomfortable.The toe box is spacious and inviting. The upper is breathable, however the padding might make it seem heated.
It takes some time to acclimate to the midsole; at first, it might feel like unusual, but after you get used to it, it will be comfortable with the sole. The heel counter is solid and stable. Pegasus 38 is a nice pair in terms of design, featuring the Nike Swoosh on the outside. Instead of standard eyelets, the tongue contains tiny bands to hold the laces. Due to the mesh covering and increased cushioning at the heel collar, the shoe appears to be a little thicker than the previous iteration. The midsole wall includes a diagonal grid cut design that adds to the overall look.

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