Looking for kitchen renovation ideas that won’t go out of trend?

Fortunately, many trends in the kitchen will allow you to find the right balance between fashion and longevity. Green has the moment in our homes. While some hues come and go, deeper greens will stand the test of time.   

Green kitchens

Green kitchens

Forest green is a lush, rich hue reminiscent of British race cars of the past and works exceptionally well for kitchens with a vintage flair. With the popularity of open-plan kitchens, diners remain a favorite for kitchen layout


The practical design creates a functional space ideal for cooking, eating, and socializing. And since it’s usually a large, light-flooded room, it’s a great blank canvas to create your dream kitchen scheme.   

Mad for mushroom

Whether you call it a mushroom or beige, this new neutral color will likely replace the gray in the kitchen and become a new warm neutral color. It’s hard to make mistakes in this color choice. Pair it with a refreshing white for a classic look, or add black accessories for a modern chic look.    

This is a shade that will never go out of style.

USB sockets

 You will never regret installing many electrical outlets in your kitchen. You will need outlets for household appliances such as toasters and coffee makers and additional outlets for less-used items such as blenders. For devices not intended for use in the kitchen, such as chargers for smartphones and tablets, USB sockets can be helpful to add-ons at the ends of devices or on walls. 

Organizational features

Organizational features

And when it comes to kitchens, you can’t go wrong with additional organizational features. From crockery drawers with sheet metal inserts to keep your crockery securely stowed to a tiered cabinet so you can see the jars and condiments in the back, it’s safe to say you can’t have too much storage space.

'Integrated appliances

‘Integrated appliances

 Whether you have an enormous open-plan kitchen or a small, compact kitchen, built-in appliances are a godsend when it comes to creating a streamlined look. Integration has several drawbacks and many advantages, including aesthetics; after all, do you really want to get a glimpse of this white fridge freezer across the room when it might be hiding behind some chic new furniture?   

Peninsula kitchens

Peninsula kitchen layouts work well for smaller kitchens. They are a stylish and practical alternative to kitchen islands where space is limited. They not only act as a room divider without wasting light, but they also make great extra seating for more relaxed occasions like breakfast or school.    

Natural plaster walls

As new trends tend to use natural materials in decorating schemes, keeping exposed raw plaster on walls is becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchen schemes. Soft pinks are warm, organic, and surprisingly easy to care for. If repainting walls is too risky, start with a whitewash to create the same effect.   

Wellness kitchens

Wellness kitchens

The wellness kitchen design includes a social atmosphere, good natural light, inspiring light colors, and lots of greenery. They also have many sustainable and eco-friendly features and functions, such as composting, garden stations, and natural materials.    

Matt cabinetry

Matte kitchen cabinets are all the rage in modern and traditional kitchen layouts and look ultra-chic when paired with modern dark tones. The matte finish absorbs light rather than reflects it on the surface, making it easier to clean than glossy surfaces. The soft coating imparts a delightful tactile texture.   

Modern vinyl

Vinyl floors have come a long way since the 1970s. Thanks to technology, incredible, affordable results can now be achieved that are easy to install and maintain. This geometric kitchen floor pattern gives this modern kitchen an attractive vintage look. 

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