List of Object We Buy But Never Use

In our daily lives, certain things leave the market shelf to spend the rest of their time on the shelf in our homes. There are many items that we but don’t use because of certain reasons. Here are certain items which change shelves to spend their life ideally sitting there.

Filing Cabinet

These are the things meant to prevent us from creating a mess. But most of the time, because of our laziness, the tools meant to help us get rid of our mess end up remaining unused.

Exercise Equipment

Humans generally find a way of being lazy sloths. As a result of this habit, most of our investment in exercise equipment goes to waste. You definitely would have come across an acquaintance f yours who bought a treadmill or some other equipment but never used it.

Unique Baby Care Stuff

As a parent, many baby stuff in the market catch your eyes and hold your attention. As a result of holding your attention, they end up on your shopping list. However, once they are in your house after being used once or twice, they lose their charm and end up spending the rest of their life on a shelf.


Cookbooks are meant to grab attention with pictures of delicious foodstuff. But once you buy them, they become demanding and start asking for the efforts to cook some food. That is when their fate changes, and they end up ending the rest of their life on another shelf.

Planner and Journals

These items are handy and can greatly aid you in maintaining your schedule. But once you buy them, they end up sitting on a shelf. The reason being that it is fairly easy to do all of the planning on your mobile phone or a laptop.

Travel Accessories 

Travel Accessories are something that comes in your house with great dreams and homes. But being the things they are, they don’t get much opportunity to be used. Even if you try hard, there are chances that you might hardly manage to get a vacation or two a year.


These are something that might travel around the world to get from one shelf to another. The reason for that is easily understandable.

Specialized Sport Equipment

An who loves some sports end up buying the equipment for that sport. But due to our busy lifestyle, we are not lucky enough to put that equipment to use.

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