Did you know? You’re Not Cleaning This, You’re Summoning Spiders to Your House

Pest experts say that many people tend to leave a particular object near them uncleaned, inviting spiders to enter. Read on to find out which dirty spots this creepy crawlies can attract. One should try to focus on the fact that spiders are helpful for home and garden and that they eat other insects that are not controlled.    

There are many methods to get rid of spiders, and the plans range from natural to chemical. There are many truths about spiders that do not make sleeping at night when you know they are under the same roof as the bed. However, if they hold their own as a pest that does not disappear without a fight, it is worth trying some of the techniques outlined below. With a bit of luck, you can get rid of them entirely and save the costs for an exterminator.    

Dirty trash cans can attract spiders looking for prey.

Dirty garbage cans attract spiders in search of prey. Thomas Marbut, general manager and corporate trainer of the Mosquito Squad, says messy trash cans attract flies like fruit flies and cockroaches, which are common prey for spiders. Before you remove your recycle bin, you should clean your actual recycle bin.   

Garbage cans are the starting point for the spider problem, said Wyatt West, a state-certified entomologist and education and training manager at Western Exterminators. He says spiders gather around dirty bins outside and start moving into the home. They gather around the containers, he says. Spiders are attracted not only to their rubbish but also to the pests that swirl around them.    

Cluttered trash areas also provide a perfect hiding spot for spiders.

Cluttered trash can provide a perfect hiding place for spiders. Many spiders are naturally reclusive, and if you have a lot of clutter around them, you can provide them with a protected area where they can wait for food to come to them, rather than the other way round, says West. An additional advantage you can do for spiders is a safe, remote area where you can hide. If you have clutter in your trash, tool, or recycling bin where you can hide, West says you not only provide food for spiders but also a safe haven where they can stick around.    

You should be cleaning your trash cans at least once a month

According to Marbut, it helps keep the garbage as clean and tidy as possible to keep spiders away. Clean your bins and bins at least once a month. If there is a lot of clutter in the trunk, it can give spiders plenty of room to hide. It would help if you also cleaned your bins regularly, at least every month.  

This not only improves their smell and appearance in general but also prevents pests such as spiders from gathering there, he advises. If you happen to see more insects than usual, don’t wait until a month has passed to clean your bins. He recommends buying sturdy garbage bags that will crack less and cause leaks in the containers. And if you notice that a large population of fly flies grow in the trash after cleaning the trash can or the surrounding area, you can reduce the number of spiders that follow, he says.  

You should also contemplate where you store your trash cans.

If cleaning the trash does not help the spider situation, experts recommend moving it. It would help if you also thought about where to store the bin. If your fly and spider populations get out of control after cleaning, you should call a professional pest control expert to discuss your treatment options.    

Keep them as far away from your house as possible. West recommends keeping bins outdoors away from outdoor lighting and in elevated areas where they are not directly in contact with soil. Dumping rubbish maybe a walk in the park, but it can spare you the headaches of a potential pest problem, advises Jack Miller, pest expert and founder of Getting Rid.    

If you have garbage cans in the ground, the garbage will act as a moisture source. This moisture attracts insects such as centipedes and robins, which are an excellent food source for spiders. Those who keep their dustbins out of the illuminated windows appeal to insects in various ways, begging for spiders to find them as potential hideouts, he says

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