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Seacliff State Beach is a lengthy stretch of sand on the water’s edge in Aptos, California. This is a fantastic area for sunbathing or wandering along the Monterey Bay sands. An old decaying big boat called the USS Palo Alto near the end of the dock is worth walking as far as possible to view. However, When the vast ship was sunk here during World War I, it was used as an entertainment venue with a dance floor, café, and, unexpectedly, a pool. It’s now closed to the public and is already dangerous and infested with rogue birds.

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Seacliff State Beach is one of Santa Cruz County’s most well-known beaches. Moreover, the Summer ends of the week saw the parking garages fill up, for the most part, thanks to a reputation for delicate surf and extraordinary offices for ocean-side visitors. A pier initially associated with a sizable ancient boat stranded there in 1929 is a well-known attraction. The ship was shattered, and the dock was damaged during the 2017 winter. After the completion of repairs, the pier, a popular fishing spot, will reopen. Fantastic barbeque areas, a snack shop, and a small Visitors Center inland. Seacliff State Beach Campground is only for RVs and trailers that are self-containing. There isn’t even a tent to set a cam in. The 63 camping spaces are arranged in a single column along the sand’s edge, providing campers with spectacular sea views from their RVs.

At Seacliff State Beach Campground, 26 destinations have complete snare setups. Campers can usually build up a small table and a raised fire ring at each spot. Therefore, for the most part, reservations are accepted. Every day at 12:30 p.m., a certain number of non-connect camping spaces are sold by lottery. Campers should arrive with their RVs early afternoon to participate in the lottery. Any remaining campgrounds will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Visiting Seacliff

The SS Palo Alto, a large vessel, is noted for its fishing dock on this ocean side. The boat is dangerous and closed to the general public, and a large portion of the pier will remain closed until the necessary repairs can be performed. The beach is a popular swimming place. A substantial amount of sand is supported by feigns. A covered excursion office and a guest community are available.

Why is there a ship at the end of the pier?

Fougner, a Norwegian structural designer, proposed using cement to build ships in 1910. Fougner’s ideas were not implemented until 1917, when wartime steel shortages necessitated concrete for construction. Three large boats were constructed. The Peralta and Palo Alto were built as large carriers for wartime usage, but World War One ended before transportation construction was completed. Therefore, they were rarely used.

The Palo Alto remained in Oakland until 1929 when the Cal-Nevada Company purchased it into an entertainment and fishing vessel. Her first trip was to Seacliff State Beach, which she did while being towed. The ocean cocks were opened, and Palo Alto settled to the sea base after being located on the ocean side. A dock had been built by the late spring of 1930, leading the boat to be renovated. A dance floor was added to the main deck, and a restaurant in the superstructure included a 54-foot heated pool and a series of fair-type concessions on the afterdeck. Later two seasons, the Cal-Nevada Company lost everything, and the Palo Alto was stripped of everything, leaving the boat and dock to be used just for fishing.

Seacliff State Beach

Things to do

Picnic Area

By contacting the special events coordinator, the excursion area with the Ramada near the Visitor Center can be saved; any remaining hidden outing zones are first-come, first-served. As it were, one person could handle one outdoor table. Tables, barbecues, and garbage cans are available in the excursion areas. Liquor is not permitted.

Beach Area

Swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding are all popular activities. Lifeguards are on duty from the end of Memorial Day until the end of Labor Day week.


From the dock, fishing is permitted. Although there is no fishing license requirement, state Department of Fish and Game cut-off points apply. Sole, flop, mackerel, anchovy, bocaccio (tomcod), kingfish, and – coincidentally – salmon and steelhead are available to anglers.


A one-mile seaside bisects the recreation area cleared path. There are also earth paths in the upper part of the recreation area, along with an allowance for Bicycles.

Environmental Learning

The SS Palo Alto attracts a wide variety of marine life, including mussels, barnacles, ocean stars, ocean anemones, sea worms, rock crabs, harbor seals, pelicans, cormorants, and filthy shearwaters in the late spring. You can witness ocean lions, dolphins, whales, and ocean otters in the water. In the Visitor Center, learn about the natural life of the space.


The Seacliff ParkStone has a sea topic that honours the animals that live in the waters of Seacliff, especially the beautiful white sharks that regularly bask in the warm waters just seaward. The business also celebrates the nautical history of the SS Palo, sometimes known as “the Cement Ship,” a beloved neighbourhood landmark. The shop also sells a variety of excellent beach items and literature about local history, nature, and sea preservation and a variety of shirts, hats, and gifts featuring Michael Schwab’s renowned Seacliff transportation photograph.

Fees and Passes

Stopping costs ten dollars and benefits the recreation area. Following the Santa Cruz County health request, guests should wear coverings for day-use passage at the booths. They accept instalments using Mastercard. One can purchase yearly State Parks passes at the entrance booth. Fourth graders in California and their families are eligible for The Adventure Pass!

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