Welcome to The Xbox One Overwatch 2 Beta!

Before Overwatch 2 Beta official release is October 4th. Players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S will have the chance to sign up for the beta test. Starting, on June 28, and continuing through July 18. The Rio map, the new tank hero Junker Queen, and the Push game mode are all included in this beta. Additionally, gamers will finally get to try out the newly created heroes and revamped 5v5 gameplay.

Over the previous several weeks, a lot of information. Such as the fact that starting on October 4, everyone can play Overwatch 2 for free. Here is what you can expect from the beta and the game’s release later this year.

Overwatch 2 Beta is  Packed with Interesting Content

Every nine weeks, Overwatch 2 Beta will release new maps, features, and game styles in a live setting. Then, in 2023, it will provide additional narrative experiences and PvE gameplay. To further develop the universe of Overwatch and its heroes.

Access to theme cosmetic items and daily tasks that you can perform. In-game prizes will give access through the new Battle Pass concept. Instead of relying on the luck of loot boxes. You will be able to pick the content you want to invest in and go through it.

Overwatch 2 Beta is  Packed with Interesting Content

Additionally, thanks to the new cross-progression. You’ll be able to transfer your earnings to any device on which you’re now playing games.

Mythic skins, a new tier of skins for Overwatch 2, are due. Players will be able to alter many aspects of your hero’s appearance using these skins.

There will be a tonne of brand-new cosmetics, such as mementos, banners, and charms for weapons. All of your proven cosmetics will follow you wherever you play thanks to new cross-progression.

The beta participants will be among the first to use Junker Queen, a new hero, on the battlefield. Additionally, you can check out the new hero Sojourn. Play around with Push mode, and travel the world with the help of maps. For New York, Rome, Monte Carlo, and Rio de Janeiro.

Here is a preview of Overwatch 2 Beta beginning in October

Season 1 of Overwatch 2 Beta premieres on October 4 and features three new heroes: Sojourn, Junker Queen, and an unnamed Support Hero. Additionally, six new maps will be there for some of the most well-known cities in the world, including Toronto, New York, Rome, Monte Carlo, Portugal, and Rio. Additionally, players will be able to engage in a new game, “Push,” in which they must battle for possession of a robot that revolves on the battlefield and push it to the enemy base. A new Mythic skin as well as more than 30 skins for customizing heroes will be available to players!

Here is a preview of Overwatch 2 Beta beginning in October

Season 2 continues to release an incredible amount of material as of December 9, featuring a new Tank Hero, a new battle map, 30+ new skins, and more. There will be a huge selection of things to earn and utilize on the battlefield in the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Players can anticipate many more heroes, maps, and modes starting in 2023 as well as hundreds of new skins and the start of the long-awaited PVE!

A Message From Overwatch Beta 2 Makers

The new Push game mode is now available. Teams will compete to control a robot that starts in the center of the new, symmetrical map type and is subsequently moving toward the enemy base. This new model will complement the other available modes by adding extra goals to achieve, tactics to investigate, and secrets to discover.

The game will start allowing players who opted in through July 14 access to the beta. Today, Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack purchasers on the Xbox Store will receive immediate beta access.

Please feel free to interact with us on the Overwatch 2 beta forums since it has both gameplay- and technology-related objectives for this beta.

We are excited to involve players in this crucial testing period, and we wish everyone joy in-game!

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