Twitter Came Up with an Answer to ‘I Wish, I Knew with its Latest Launch. Here is Everything You Should Know.

We will forget counting if we start remembering ‘I wish I knew’ incidents we went through in our life. We wish we knew about so many things, so many tricks, so many answers, and whatnot, right? Don’t you want to know how people really think about you or about what you do and how you do? This question passes in each of our minds at least once a day. 

The more information you have, the better decisions you can make. So, by saying that, the new information learned would have affected your previous decision. It’s just another way to say that you realized you made a mistake/regret a decision.

How about if I tell you that you might be able to find a place to talk/listen about each and everything You wished, You knew. 

What launch, and where?

Today morning, the first tweet that loaded on my feed made my day a little better. The tweet said:

“We’re thrilled to launch I Wish I Knew, an innovative podcast that takes you right into the world of Twitter Research. Two different people will host each episode. Every new episode will have a new co-hosting pair of researchers who will talk about their adventures in this field. They will discuss how the team is advancing conversations across the company through insights, search why research is a big concern topic, and glorify the people and culture surrounding the work.”

Twitter has just come up with a fantastic launch; they are curating a platform for a podcast about ‘I wish, I knew’, which is created to produce a better insight into how the company uses user research and knowledge to improve its systems, highlighting some exciting usage cases on Twitter data and enhancing your platform.

How will it help us?

Imagine a book about ‘How does Twitter uses data insight to improvise its algorithm’; how would you feel having that field of knowledge? So, I guess you have the answer ready about how will this new feature help us. It will help understand how to do the maximum exploration, which would be a significant advantage for social media marketers.

Basically, the particular use cases for Twitter data could also highlight innovative ways of creating your own decisive research approach.

Been more than a decade now when Twitter launched. Since then, Twitter data has been utilized in diverse ways ranging from mapping flu outbreaks to foretelling earthquakes to assisting people with the stock market to battling scandals and whatnot.

 And, the new podcast feature will carry an aisle of things you will be happy to know. The podcast highlight is designed to cater some worthy information and perspective on how such methods are implemented and what that might mean for your own analysis purposes.

Let’s learn with Twitter?

Now that we have piled up our minds with sufficient knowledge about this new feature Twitter launched and how it will help us.

 Let us check it out by ourselves; we might need a diary because Twitter is planning to provide as much information as possible. Let’s dig into the Twitter data insights and help ourselves and our businesses. Let’s learn how research works on Twitter.

We can now minus some of the topics we wished we knew about because Twitter will provide us with all knowledge we ever hoped for.

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