Social Media Reacting to Messi on Leaving Barcelona

The separation of Lionel Messi from Barcelona is a massive blow to the club’s future hopes and image. Messi will depart Barcelona with 35 awards, including six Ballon d’Or awards, ten La Liga titles, four Champions League titles, and three Club World Cup titles. He spent the more significant part of his career in Spain, playing at Camp Nou. Without precedent for his specialist job, he will no longer wear the Blaugrana pullover, instead opting for a different garment. He was a fantastic 13-year-old wonder at Newell’s Old Boys in his hometown of Argentina the last time. On Sunday, August 8, three days after the club announcing that he would not be returning. The soccer veteran was accommodated in Camp Nou’s news meeting room. Because of Thursday’s bombshell admission, the genius has only recently begun to inform the broader public of his departure.

People react with memes when Lionel Messi leaves FC Barcelona.

Individuals have flocked to social media to share postings, including photographs after Lionel Messi announced his departure from FC Barcelona. Lionel Messi, the Argentine superstar, has decided to leave Barcelona FC due to financial and other issues. “Although FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi have agreed and the two players’ legitimate desire to sign another agreement today, this will not be possible due to monetary and main barriers (Spanish La Liga laws),” FC Barcelona explained.

“Because of the current circumstances, Messi will not be staying at FC Barcelona. The two players deeply regret that the player’s and the club’s desires will not meet at last. FC Barcelona sincere thanks to the player for his commitment to the club’s magnificence and hopes that everything will turn out great for him just for the future in his own and professional life,” the statement reads.

Since the proclamation, people have used social media, mainly Twitter and Instagram, to publish various posts, including photographs.

Here are some ways that people responded:

Social Media Reacting to Messi on Leaving Barcelona
Messi on Leaving Barcelona

Messi says his goodbyes to Barcelona: The funniest photographs and responses from the Q&A session.

The world was in shock to learn that Lionel Messi would not be returning to Barcelona in late spring when his contract expired on June 30, 2021, Thursday evening. The forward didn’t speak to the public about his departure until today, on Sunday, August 8. In general, many fans of his and soccer took to social media after viewing the public interview at Camp Nou to express their feelings. As a result, we should look at the most ingenious images and responses.

At his last public interview as a Barcelona player, Lionel Messi broke down in tears as he revealed that he never intended to leave the club this late spring, thus affirming that a move to Paris Saint-Germain isn’t out of the question. Regardless, tears were not the only thing the journalists saw. Examine a few of Messi’s appearances to see what they could represent.

Lionel Messi’s last public interview as a Barcelona player: 3 minutes when his looks said everything

Lionel Messi revealed that he never proposed to quit the club this mid-year, thus indicating that a transition to Paris Saint-Germain isn’t inconceivable. He broke down in tears. Tears, however, were not the only thing the reporters saw. Examine a few of Messi’s appearances to see what they could represent.

When talking about Paris Saint-Germain

“Paris Saint-Germain is plausible, certainly,” he said. “For the time being, I haven’t surrendered to anything with anyone. I’ve been receiving many calls following the Barcelona explanation, and a few clubs have been fascinated. Nothing is decided at this point save that we are in talks…”

Messi’s visage transformed out of nowhere amid a heated and emotional atmosphere when he received information about his best line of action, with PSG remembered for the inquiry. His eyes widened, and he didn’t hesitate to crack a delightful grin all over during the public interview. The customary, worn-out serious fire that burns inside the 34-year-old regular conceived victor can be seen in his eyes. As though he is relishing the possibility to fight for more victories, titles, and a much better legacy.

When talking about Barcelona president Bartomeu

“I’m very tragic because I would not like to leave this club, it’s a club that I love; last year, when all the nonsense with the Buro fax was going on, I was persuaded [to go], but this year no.”

Instead of debating if he is still puzzled by former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu. Messi expressed his love for the club. He didn’t indicate the name of Bartomeu by any stretch of the imagination by switching the point. The forward’s connection with the former Barcelona boss is hopeless, especially given that Messi stated on multiple occasions that he needed to leave the club the previous summer.

Bartomeu was still in charge at the time, and in a meeting with Goal, the Argentine forward criticized the Spanish business innovator for misleading him as often as possible for quite some time. Bartomeu was the primary perpetrator in Leo’s desire to end the Blaugrana in the year 2020.

When talking about La Liga president Tebas

“My new agreement had agreed, it was completely done; I needed to stay, and when I returned from my days off, it was a managed work; then, as Joan Laporta highlighted, it couldn’t happen because of everything that was going on with La Liga.”

Messi responded to another scorching, if agonizing, point after putting on a hard grin and taking a full breath. Javier Tebas can be considered the current year’s Josep Maria Bartomeu adaption. The only difference is that, despite being directly responsible for the finale of the Messi saga, Bartomeu was unable to force the star out of the club. Javier Tebas has finished what Bartomeu started a long time ago, but everything comes at a price, which is unavoidable in this situation. Leo’s departure would undoubtedly result in a drop in La Liga’s ratings, less revenue, and a drop in fans and public interest.

Barcelona expects to reduce the compensation cap to meet their €1 billion obligations, according to La Liga and Financial Fair Play criteria. The club’s compensation utilization in Messi’s new agreement would have represented every available ounce of effort of their income. Even after taking a significant wage cut, enrolling the 34-year-old in La Liga would have been difficult, given that the Spanish league’s expenditure ceiling has come down from about €600 million in 2019-20 to a projected €200 million for the upcoming season.

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