Rapper Trouble shot dead in hometown , Atlanta!

The 34-year-old rapper was shot dead at 3:20 am on Sunday night. The rapper was reportedly at the residence of a female friend when another man who is believed to have a domestic history with the female friend of Rapper Trouble invaded the house at midnight and shot Rapper Trouble to death.

 The incident took place at Lake St. James Apartment in Conveyers. It is ironic to observe that the Rapper died in his hometown where he was loved and celebrated given the fact that most of his music revolved around the various aspects of his hometown Atlanta.

Who shot Rapper Trouble?

The suspect is believed to be Jamichael Jones, 33 years old,  from Atlanta.  As per the spokesperson of Rockdale County Sheriff Jedidia County, he is charged with a warrant based on home invasion, an allegation of murder and aggravated assault.

Based on the police report and after statement, the accused had a domestic history with the female friend of Rapper Trouble. It was the residence of this female friend whose name is still not public for obvious reasons.

Mourning for his demise.

Fans took over social media platforms to express their anger and sadness over the incident . By the outburst of fans and local people on social media it was obvious how much he was loved in his hometown. The police have assured that they will take the matter with grave concern.

Def Jam, the demised rapper’s most popular record labels posted on social media about the late Rapper that he was a true voice for his city and an inspiration to the community he proudly represented.

Alexis Skyy, the lost love of the rapper and his ex wrote on social media that she was so sorry this happened to him and he didn’t deserve this. She also said that she is praying for his kids and family. interestingly she addressed him as skoob.

Who was Rapper Trouble?

The late Rapper was born on November 4, 1987, in Atlanta, Georgia. He debut with his first mixtape ‘DECEMBER 17” IN 2011. The tape was able to reach a fandom base as it was ranked no. 23 on Complex’s 25 Best Mixtapes.

The rapper also shared his due time with some famous rappers such as Yo Gotti, Waka Flocka Flame and Lupa Fiasco.


It is no excuse for anyone to kill someone for such small reasons. In this particular incident, there are no obvious reasons stated as to why he was killed by that man . was it a raige? was it a sudden hitch? was this pre-planned? we can intrigue ourselves with thousand of such questions but the lost soul is lost forever.

The police need to dig deeper to find out the actual motive of the death. Be it a celebrity or any individual no one deserves to die for such petty reasons. No one!

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