The Members of the “Real Housewives” Had to Follow These Rules Strictly

“Every member of the cast must audition. Before becoming Housewives, these ladies must submit audition tapes, attend house meetings, take extensive on-camera examinations, and more.

When it comes to casting new Housewives, companions are preferred. In a 2015 discussion with Attitude, Andy explained why: “In Because characters all have long stories with one another, the program’s brilliant. So, it’s not as easy as throwing them into a Big Brother house and seeing what happens.” Consider Dorit Kemsley and Lisa Vander pump, or Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley But, companions must put their skills to the test. They do not receive a programmed offer for the show. It’s still important so that the organization can determine whether the possible new hires are watchable. Bravo’s Ryan Flynn, who spoke to The Daily Dish Podcast, the projection system begins with the current cast members. “We start with the women, as they are the focus group that we believe will return. It’s always something along the lines of, ‘Who do you think we should know?'”

Every aspect of their lives must be a fair game. According to the Real Housewives contract, the group is allowed access to everything during filming, from the ladies’ clothing to their children. “I inquire as to what is not there on the table. ‘You shouldn’t be on unscripted television,’ I say if they say, ‘This, this, various stuff.’ “According to the New York Post, projection head Melissa Stanforth.

And even their phone conversations. Have you ever noticed that on the show, the Housewives only talk on speakerphone? This is because the producers need to hear both sides of a conversation while they’re filming. After all, they’ll subsequently broadcast those phone conversations to the entire world. The ladies have a say, and the makers record three to six options to see which one sticks.

They can’t change their hairstyle in the middle of the season. During each season’s premiere, you’ll notice that at least one Housewife has altered her appearance. This is because the organization will not allow them to do so once filming begins. Why? Their greeting looks would be ruined if they took another look. The females only get three looks during the conference. They must also be able to replicate those looks regularly.

Nonetheless, you must wear the same clothes, hair, and makeup for an extended time. Never cut your hair in this situation since you must appear to be identical. “Vicki Gunvalson spoke to Glamor about it.

They cover the costs of their glitzy crew. When Erika Jayne joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she ultimately revealed a glitz crew secret that only a handful of the Housewives had been airing. Erika was candid about her closet, hair, and makeup squad that she flew out with for the primary cast visits. But who is paying the price? It’s not Bravo’s fault. The celebs are the ones who pay for the glamour.

During their season, the ladies labour six days a week for an extended time, on top of any other employment they may have. There are strict guidelines for filming children, as they are legally required to be photographed every day. As a result, creators must design a strict timetable to ensure.

The fourth wall is unbreakable for housewives. This suggests that there are no creation or group notices at all. This can occasionally result in a perplexing show. Carole Radziwill of the Real Housewives told BuzzFeed that she was given information by a producer that led her to believe Aviva Drescher was a liar. She was unable to reveal more details because identifying her source to observers would violate the fourth wall. The cast is compensated for their travel (kind of). Andy has discovered that the organization contributes to the cost of the Housewives’ outrageous outings for the show, but that it is ultimately a joint effort between the organization and the spouses.

Homemakers can pay to have their living quarters remodelled. If the girls want to go on an outing that isn’t covered by Bravo’s budget, they can pay for it themselves. The ladies frequently arrange benefits such as flying private or traveling to a destination during peak season. “Take a look at the end credits. Assuming you see special thought given by’ an airplane, a hotel, a transportation service, a this, a that. That suggests the creators offered it. “According to Alex McCord of Reality Fix. Liquor is always available, and it is always free. Heather Thomson discovered that everything is available for free streaming while on vacation: “You specify the type of booze you require, and it is waiting for you when you arrive at your manor; if you run out, they will get you more.”

Bravo reaps the advantages of the Housewives’ charitable endeavours. The ladies are recognized for promoting their many projects, but it is not always free publicity.

Bravo is designated to a portion of the revenue generated by any business promoted on the show, with one exception. “Although I earned $7,250 for the entire season of Housewives. I was the first to sign a contract stating that I own all I do. Furthermore, when it came to skinny girl, that turned out to be a huge plus. “Bethenny spoke with CNBC. The Housewives are unable to sue one another. Bravo should include the bizarre charges and quarrels in their agreement that the Housewives should settle their disagreements on the sofas at the gathering rather than in court.

Individuals from the previous cast are not permitted to appear on another show. When Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson announced their departure from The Real Housewives of Orange County following season 14, it was revealed that the two stars had been given a one-year non-contest. The contest prevents them from appearing in another unscripted TV drama until the stipulated date.

It’s no laughing matter where each cast member sits. The gathering’s guest list is almost as well planned as the New York City Ballet’s. Ask Danielle Staub, who wouldn’t leave her changing room unless she was seated next to Andy during the season 10 get-together. Ladies with the most compelling stories are the ones who go near Andy, while the rest are arranged to who is fighting.”

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