Top famous villains that we all loved

The villains that we loved to hate. The way they portrayed their character was just astonishing. Dig into the blog to check out all the memorable villains of all time.

Celebrities Who Died in 2021

Following a year marked by tragedy, 2021 has been marked by the deaths of several well-known performers, craftspeople, sports stars, and other TV figures. In 2021, we remember a few notable figures from various expressions of the human experience and media outlets who departed away.

Biggest Celebs Family Getting into Feuds

Everyone has disagreements with their parents – it’s a natural part of growing up. However, these conflicts become harsh and fast quarrels that might lead to hatred and disownment for some people. If you think the fight, you and your mother had over your high cell phone bill was nasty, wait till you see how some famous parents treat their children.

Did you know? These celebrities share a very fussy life with their parents

These famous celebrities share a very serious and different lifestyle with their parents that you would have never imagined. Dig into the blog to more

Netflix’s Stuber Doing Everything to Secure Nolan’s Next Feature

In discussion with Variety, Netflix film chief Scott Stuber stated that he is trying “all I can” to secure Christopher Nolan’s next feature at the festival. “On the off chance that and when he comes up with his new picture, it’s about whether we’ll be able to be a permanent spot for it and what we’ll need to do to get it going,”

Celebrity breakups of 2021: All the couples who cut up this year

Another year, every other batch of celeb breakups. We are breaking down all of the celebrity splits of 2021 and what went incorrect. From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to…


The previous year with the advent of COVID-19 has given us a lot to suffer and give us something to feel sad about the loss of various personalities, who we…

10 Best Example of Friendship in MCU

Marvel has given us the best examples of friendship. Here are some of the best ones.

celebrities and their enviable car collections

From vintage rides to massive SUVs and elegant sedans, here’s a look into the most lust-worthy car collections of Hollywood celebrities & famous sportspersons including Virat Kohli’s ride. Indeed, cars…

Top 11 Cameos Made by Musicians

Films starring celebrities will almost always end up being disasters (see Glitter, Who’s That Girl, Crossroads, and so on). There are some exceptions, but in general, films in which the demigod is merely filling in as a character maintain track of reasonable significantly better.