The recently finished trial of the trending rift between Johnny Depp and Amber heard has been the talk of the latest social news feed. Millennials and the other age groups had keenly waited for the final verdict and it is here. The JURY has decided that both the involved parties that is JOHNNY DEPP and AMBER HEARD are liable for the defamation in their respective lawsuit against each other but overall, it has been a fundamental win for our beloved captain jack sparrow. JOHNNY DEPP VERDICT as what people are calling it turned out to be absolutely that as the jury awarded larger damages to DEPP, so indeed a legal win for the charismatic actor.

Depp pleaded for  $50 million and AMBER pleaded  $ 100 million but punitive damages are by law capped at $350,000 , therefore the punitive damage amount was reduced to that figure .

But, the intrigued interest to know the whole journey of the celeb couple has hiked up. The Johnny Depp Verdict as most people are saying it is public and we had seen mainly two distant groups polarising their views in the latest concluded Johnny Depp Verdict . So how does it all began? Let’s find out.

The Amber – Johnny timeline

Something like love at first sight

The broken couple met on the sets of “The Rum Diary “in 2009 where amber was reportedly dating another celeb at that time but obviously who could resist the charm of the captain jack sparrow. It is believed that the couple started dating in the year 2012. they dated for the next 2 years but made minimal public appearances together.

Wedding bells

Interestingly Heard was seen wearing a stunning diamond solitaire in 2014 and the reporters announced that her and johnny were engaged. It took them just one year to refine their love and to exchange the vows of holy marriage in a private affair in 2015.

When it turned ugly and publicly dirty

In 2016, the lady of sparrow filed for a divorce and accused him of “repetitive physical abuse “. this was the genesis of the rift between the broken couple and it has only gotten worse since then and since the activation of the trial it has gained a lot of public attention solely because of the intriguing revelations in the court room by both the parties.

However, it did cool down for a time when the divorce was settled out of court for the sum of $ 7 million on August, 2016. The divorce was finalized in the year 2017.

Beginning of the trial


It all started again when Amber wrote an article for the WASHINGTON POST, which mainly stated that she was abused, however there was no revelation of Depp’s name but the whole world knew whom it was directed to and this led to a big chaos which just received its final verdict.


In 2019, JOHNNY DEPP sued AMBER HEARD for $ 50 million stating “defamation over the WaPo article”. This was the main incident which created the buzz about the former couple all around the world and majorly over every social media app or interface.

Interestingly in this trial a recording went viral which mainly had the supporting proof in which HEARD admitted to ‘hitting Depp’.

Lost cause

The three-week libel trial began on July,7, 2020 and after hearing both the sides the court decided to put it sword across the neck of JOHNNY DEPP in the Johnny Depp Verdict . Given the popularity of captain jack sparrow, the public had mixed views on the result of trial.

The inevitable defamation

On November 6, Depp literally went public to announce that due to recent happening in his life he is asked to step down from his role as Grindelwald in the Disney fantasy ‘fantastic beats 3 ‘. Depp tried twice to re appeal to the court but was absolutely denied the right to do so in November 2020 and in March 2021.

Where it all started again!

The trial where it went absolute public and ugly began on April, 11, 2022 which had a monetary aspect of around $100 million. This trial absolutely unleashed the rawness and ugliness of the relationship.

Craziest revelations

  1. Depp stated in one of the hearings that Heard had ‘a need for violence ‘during their relationship. Now the crazy part was that it was just this statement which was revealed and it was actually moulded by the people based on their view of the two celebs involved. It could be that amber had the need for BDSM be it in a submissive or dominant way.
  2. However, the air was cleared after Depp stated that ‘a possessed Heard smashed his finger with a bottle of vodka after a heated argument’.
  3. Later in a media revelation based on the view of a psychologist it was made public that Depp aggressively forced Amber to give him oral sex and it was also stated that he forced and penetrated her with a bottle when they were going through an ugly patch in their relationship.
  4. Another revelation made in the JOHNNY DEPP VERDICT was when Heard claimed that Depp occasionally during their fights used to cut his own hands and put a burning cigarette on that particular place
  5. To sum up the craziness of the couple it would be ideal to acknowledge one of the private letters wrote by amber to Depp which stated that ‘I want to rip you apart, devour you and savour the taste ‘.


The JOHNNY DEPP VERDICT case has completed the final stages of trial and the verdict is announced. It would not be biased to say that JOHNNY DEPP is getting back what all he lost as a human and most ironically as a mainstream celeb. The whole world waited for the JOHNNY DEPP VERDICT and what would set this to a peaceful ending is if both the included parties are satisfied with the verdict so that the matter can be put into grave once and for all. The world deserves them in the role they are best known for and that is simply to act their heart out like they have always done.

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