Is Britney Spears really writing her new Memoir?

What announcement has Britney Spears made on Instagram?

Britney Spears has confirmed that she is writing a new memoir. She has not released any details about the book, such as a release date or the title, but has said it will be “raw and honest.”

Britney Spears took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday to confirm that she is writing her memoir. The “Toxic” singer wrote, “I am in the process of writing my memoir. It’s been crazy because I’ve been working on it for two years.”

What is the story behind Spear’s new book?

Spears, who turns 37 next month, has sold more than 100 million records during her career and is one of the most successful musicians of all time.

She has previously published an autobiography, Britney Spears: Inside Out, in 2007. In it, she recounted her difficult childhood, including her parents’ divorce, and her rise to fame as a teenager.

Spears confirmed the new book in a statement on Thursday (AEST). “I am so excited to share my story with everyone,” she said. “There’s just something about telling your story that makes you feel more connected to your fans and like they really know you.”

How did she share the news?

Spears shared the news in a post posted to Instagram on Monday night. The singer said that the biography will focus on painful events in her life that “she could never openly express.” 

In November, a judge ended legal custody that had controlled many aspects of his life for more than a decade. Spears was placed under the care of her father, Jamie Spears, in 2008 as the star faced a mental health crisis. The controversial deal allowed him to take control of his finances and career decisions, and critical personal matters such as his visits to his teenage children and the possibility of remarriage.    

While the star didn’t reveal any details about a potential release date or publisher, Page Six announced in February that it had struck a $15 million ($11.4 million) deal with publisher Simon & Schuster to tell the story. As well as his relationship with his family during and after his mentorship. Spears wrote that the process of writing the book was “healing and healing,” although she added that it was difficult to recall past events in her life. The 40-year-old said she took an “intellectual approach” in writing her memoir. 

However, the star also fell in love with her mother and sister, who accused her of “allowing me to write my own book because I couldn’t drink a coffee while driving”. Since she later appeared on Good Morning America to promote her book What Should I Say, Spears has been in a public spat with her sister Jamie Lynn. The book details her life story, including her young daughter’s near-fatal accident in 2017, her relationship with Britney, and her role in the singer’s controversial custody Role. 

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