Biggest Celebs Family Getting into Feuds

The presence of a celebrity may appear picture-perfect in some cases, but this is not always the case, especially when a family is involved. Stars fight and argue with their families in the same way that non-celebrities do, with the exception that their quarrels are frequently broadcast to the world. Many wellknown persons have been upset by their relatives or have gotten into tumultuous public feuds with their relatives. Here are a few high-profile family feuds that have rocked Hollywood.

Jay-Z and Solange Knowles

Observation footage from an elevator at a party following the 2014 Met Gala appeared to show Jay-Z and Solange fighting, as Beyoncé remained in the corner. Solange was seen ranting at Jay before hitting and kicking him as her safety officer tried to restrain her. The three of them were never able to figure out precisely what happened. According to a few stories, it was linked to a conversation Solange had with planner Rachel Roy, who was just married to Jay-former Z’s colleague Damon Dash.

Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight

Angelina Jolie and her father, Jon Voight, have had one of Hollywood’s most well-known feuds. Although their long-term separation ended in 2011, Voight claims he learned about his girl’s double mastectomy last year the same way the rest of us did – by browsing the internet. He was not invited to her wedding to Brad Pitt! Brad Pitt learned a thing or two about family feuds from his previous wife, Jennifer Aniston, who refused to ask her mother, Nancy Dow, to their wedding. The “Companion’s” star is said to have reconciled with her mother after a stroke in 2011.

Kardashian sisters and Caitlyn Jenner

Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner had been married for around 23 years when Kris filed for official separation in 2014. Caitlyn was close with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, especially after their father, Robert Kardashian, died. They had two children together, Kylie and Kendall. Caitlyn was close with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian. Following the breakup of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner and Caitlyn’s transformation, the Kardashian sisters remained calm, and the family appeared to be suffering the changes together. Then Khloe appeared on the “Howard Stern Show” and stated she felt “double-crossed” when she learned that “money managers” had gotten some answers on Caitlyn’s growth at the same time she had.

Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has had a tumultuous relationship with her father, Michael, for a long time, which was exposed last year on her OWN self-titled reality television series. “My father is a maniac and does not deserve such a label,” she tweeted in 2009.

Leighton Meester

Over time, Leighton Meester’s feud with his mother Constance has been highly tumultuous. In 2011, Gossip Girl’s mother said that her daughter had promised to give her $10,000 monthly for the rest of her life. In any case, a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge dismissed the case in June 2012, ruling in favour of Leighton.


“Her big-name status or her fortune does not entice me,” Mark Evans told the “Daily Mail” in 2013 about the singer Adele. “I simply need my girl back, and I need to be a true grandfather to the little one.” After her father came up about their tumultuous relationship in a 2011 encounter, the pop singer allegedly stopped addressing him.

Ariel Winter and Crystal Workman

Ariel Winter documented a controlling request against her mother, Crystal Workman, in October 2012. Crystal Workman was blamed for honestly and openly shoving her. Shanelle Gray, Winter’s older sister, was given temporary guardianship of Winter. According to a lengthy court battle, Winter’s relationship with her mother was allegedly nearly enough to get her fired from “Current Family” multiple times. Winter’s claims, as well as others, have been disputed by Labourer.

Beyoncé and Mathew Knowles

When Beyoncé was a member of the group Girls Tyme (which subsequently became Destiny’s Child), her father, Mathew Knowles, was their manager. Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mother, filed for civil separation from him in 2009 after learning he had fathered a child with entertainer Alexsandra Wright.


Debbie Mathers gave Eminem a directive at a discussion with in the middle of the year: “Life is a finite resource. Mama is in desperate need of a hug.” Mathers ended her relationship with the rapper after she sued him for defamation over his depictions of her in songs.

Justin Bieber and Pattie Mallette

Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mother, had a tumultuous relationship with him. Bieber revealed his connection with Mallette was “basically non-existent” in a 2015 interview with Billboard. He surmised that his repeated transgressions, such as being apprehended, led to them not representing him for a few years, saying, “I was a long way away because I felt embarrassed. I never expected my mother to be disappointed with me, but she was. We spent some time without talking. Therefore, it’s worth devoting some time and effort to re-establish that trust.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore told Marie Claire last year about her relationship with her mother Jaid, saying, “We can’t be in each other’s lives today.” The performer had spoken openly about her strained connection with her mother, from whom she broke out while she was only 15 years old. “My mum and I have a tumultuous connection,” she told the publication.

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