5 facts about Ray Nicholson starring in the “Panic”

There are kids who want to go against their parents to follow a different career of their own choice while others fall right in line. Hollywood is not different from all of these trends where kids follow their parents’ footsteps. We see the actors bursting through to the real fame, and we find that over and over again that they come from a long line of A-list stars. We have recently noticed on Stranger Things that Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s daughter Maya Hawke. And now, there is another famous actor’s kid rising and taking over the television world. More than ten years ago, Jack Nicholson abandoned the acting career, but now his lookalike son, Ray Nicholson, follows his father’s footsteps and picks up the family profession. If you have seen the latest series Panic on Amazon Prime, then you might have noticed that this actor looks incredibly similar to his father. There are several facts about Ray Nicholson, that you will love to hear. He is very identical to his father, Jack Nicholson. Presently, he is performing the role of Ray Hall on Panic. This series is based on the novel “Panic,” written by Lauren Oliver in 2014. A group of high schoolers is about to graduate while they go through many complex challenges in the story.

However, this is not the first time that Ray is acting. You might be introduced to him through Panic, but this is not his first role on the T.V. The first time he performed was in The Benchwarmers, an unnamed “kid catcher” in 2006. After that, in 2018 and 2019, he appeared in a four-episode recurring role on the T.V. series Mayans M.C. He recently appeared in Promising Young Woman last year before the Amazon Prime series.

Similarities Between a father and a son

Jack and Ray Nicholson both love Lakers. They both do not have any active and official social media pages, and they both appear to have a close bond with each other. Recently, they both were found sitting together in the courtside at Los Angeles Lakers game. They have been spotted like this several times over the past few years. Jack rarely appears in public events except for the Lakers game, according to what people say. He is accompanied by Ray there very often. Ray is not Jack’s only kid. He is one of the five kids of Jack and has four siblings- Jennifer, Caleb, Honey, and Lorraine. They all have different mothers except for Lorraine and Ray. They both are the children of Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard.

Ray is the youngest of all the siblings and is not the only one involved in the acting career. Lorraine has also starred in the movies like The Princess Diaries 2, Soul Surfer, and Click. And this career following tradition has extended to Jack’s kids too. Jack’s grandson Duke Nicholson also appeared in the Us in 2019.

Jack and Ray Nicholson

While coming back to Ray Nicholson, who is rising in this industry and is the one who is everyone is talking about. He is a brand new Nicholson in

Hollywood. In addition to his fame, he is the son of Jack Nicholson, 84, an Oscar-winning actor. However, he has started to step more into this performing world.

Here we have five pieces of facts about Ray Nicholson, from his new life of Panic to his social media to his household life and Hollywood life.

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Ray is starring in the new collection “Panic.”

He is performing Ray Hall in the collection Panic available on Amazon Prime. It was launched on May 28. He plays the role of a legacy participant of the Panic competitors after Luke, his brother, received Panic several years in the past. He might be the love search of Heather, starred by Olivia Welch, in the collection.

Ray is undoubtedly one of Jack’s youngest kids.

Ray Nicholson is the child of Jack Nicholson and Rebecca Broussard. Jack and Rebecca dated from 1989 to 1994 and have a daughter Lorraine. Jack has three more kids from his other relationships, and the other three kids are Jennifer, Caleb, and Honey.

“Panic” is not Ray’s first appearance.

Ray appeared on the F.X. collection Mayans M.C. before starring in the Panic.

He also appeared in the Oscar-winning movies Now Is Everything and Promising Young Woman. Succeedingly, he appears in the Where Are You, an upcoming drama, with Anthony Hopkins.

Ray is a big fan of the Lakers, just like his father.

Ray and Jack are often seen together on the courtside in Los Angeles, attending Lakers games. They both spend a high-quality father-son time in L.A. over time. Jack carried courtside tickets for two people for a very long time.

Ray has no social media account.

Ray is very much identical to his father. Thus, he, too, does not have any public Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or even Instagram account. Although, his sister Lorraine has her personal Instagram account where she posted some throwback imaged with her brother, Ray, and her father from previous years.

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