Where and How to Watch Rick and Morty Season 4

It’s been a long hold for Rick and Morty season 4 on Adult Swim. Fortunately, the wait for Season 4’s ten episodes to be released on streaming will not be quite as bad. On November 1, the fourth season of Rick and Morty will be available on both HBO Max and Hulu. According to the Rick and Morty Twitter account, all ten episodes on HBO Max will be unedited, indicating that the nauseated among you will finally learn what awful name Rick and Morty used to depict stomach muscle muscles in episode 6.

However, because Rick and Morty is a Warner Media brand that will eventually make HBO Max its exclusive home, each of the show’s four seasons will be available on both HBO Max and Hulu for the time being. So, Hulu supporters, get the most incredible bargain you can while you still can. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s science fiction enlivened satire lost some of its social shops in season 4. The TV scene continued to produce new, charming energizing options, as is the situation with other long-running programs. Despite this, the show’s fourth season has a lot to like. The champion seventh episode, “The Vat of Acid Episode”, won Rick and Morty its second Outstanding Animated Program Emmy. Rick Sanchez, the universe’s most brilliant researcher, was enraged with his grandson for not loving the resourcefulness of his tank of corrosive departure plan during that half-hour.

Other episodes to look forward to viewing this week include episode 2, “The Old Man in the Seat,” in which guest star Jeffrey Wright takes Rick’s restroom, and the perplexing mid-season premiere, “Never Ricking Morty.” Others thought it was naturally over the top, so we took part in it. There may be some even more exciting Rick and Morty news shortly regardless of the increased streaming. Rick and Morty, like other animated Adult Swim show before it, hasn’t always followed the most regular schedule. That, according to Harmon, could change shortly. Harmon said at the 2020 NY Paley Fest, according to Syfy Wire, that the COVID-19 pandemic has aided journalists and the media stay on task:

“We’re more punctual than we’ve ever been. When you don’t have this office climate anymore, it makes you feel like you need to hone in on your whole cycle. Everyone needs to run this honey bee state from afar, so the honey is made more consistently. It seems to be working for us.”

Watch Rick and Morty in Australia

In Australia, Netflix holds exclusive streaming rights to Rick and Morty, which is excellent news for fans of the show. You may currently watch all four seasons, with season five planned shortly. Unfortunately, when sending out messages from the United States, it is common for them to be a little behind schedule when they arrive in Australia. If you happen to be travelling to another country and are concerned that geo-blocking may prohibit you from viewing Rick and Morty, don’t worry; use a VPN to return to Australia, and you’ll be able to access the show.

Watch Rick and Morty in Canada

Adult Swim is available to watch in Canada via Amazon Prime Video. Specifically, the Stack TV add-on is available through the service – so Canadians looking to enjoy Rick and Morty are in luck. From June 20, you’ll be able to view seasons 1-4 and brand-new episodes of season 5 every Sunday at 11 p.m. ET. In Canada, Prime membership costs CA$7.99 per month, while Stack TV adds $12.99, but both offer free trials that you can use to watch Rick and Morty season 5 online for free. If you’re currently outside of Canada, don’t worry – get a good VPN, and you’ll be able to stream all of your favourite shows and services like home.

Watch Rick and Morty in the UK                         

Rick and Morty fans in the United Kingdom can watch the show for free (with a TV license) on All4’s on-demand service, with the most recent, the fifth season airing every Monday at 10 p.m. BST starting June 21. It’s available online and includes apps for most modern devices, including Android, iOS, set-top boxes, control centre, and that’s just the beginning. If you’re now outside of the UK for unclear reasons and can’t use your standard real-time functionality, remember that you can always grab a VPN and point yourself back to Blighty to watch your favourite shows without anybody noticing.

Watch Rick and Morty in the US

Rick and Morty, also the new fifth season, can be found on Grown-up Swim. If you already have a TV bundle that includes Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, you’re good to go!

Watch Rick and Morty without cable.

We recommend Sling TV channels for line cutters, with Adult Swim included in both Sling TV’s Sling Blue and Sling Orange bundles, both of which cost $35. Sling Orange is exemplary for sports fans and young families, including ESPN, Motor trend, Nick Jr., and the Disney Channel. In contrast, Sling Blue is the best choice if you want great TV shows and tales, as it includes National Geographic, Discovery, SyFy, A&E, and FX. New or existing supporters of US web-based features can access their favourite foundation from anywhere in the world – all they need is the help of a good VPN.

What is Rick and Morty all about?

The sitcom stars Rick Sanchez, a white-haired researcher who goes on massive room and interdimensional encounters with his grandson Morty Smith. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon create it. “Consider the idea that Back to the Future had no age or enhancements limitations?” is how the show is best described. Since the premiere in 2013, the series has been one of Adult Swim’s most popular and energized shows. It has also spawned many spin-off products, including comic books, portable games, and more. Justin Roiland voices Rick and Morty. Morty’s father Jerry, voiced by Chris Parnell, Morty’s mother Beth, portrayed by Sarah Chalke, and Morty’s sister Summer, voiced by Spencer Grammer, are among the show’s other characters. Stephen Colbert, Sam Neill, Nathan Fillion, Susan Sarandon, and others have expressed guest appearances.

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