What is new about the Call of duty Nintendo switch?

Call of Duty has occurred on almost every console: does it contain the Nintendo Switch?

 But has this series ever been on the Nintendo Switch, often for family viewing?  

With a focus on historical warfare and futuristic battlefields, Call of Duty has been a poster child for violence and bloody battles throughout its history. The games primarily feature first-person shooting elements that put players in the thick of bullet-riddled battles and often reward them for skilful virtual shooting. Its latest version, Call of Duty: Vanguard, was released on platforms such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S and still contains much of the series’ gore and gore.    

Nintendo isn’t exactly known for its adult library, but has a Call of Duty game ever made its way to the Switch platform? Are there Call of Duty games on Nintendo Switch? 

The Nintendo Switch, like many other Nintendo consoles, is often marketed as a console that players of all ages can play. Whether you want easy and fun party games, comfortable gaming sessions, or intense multiplayer nights, the latest Nintendo consoles are a foolproof party device with an astonishing number of games for all types of gamers.   

But if you want Call of Duty to play on your joycons, you’re out of luck. Call of Duty has never been released on Switch. It’s certainly not for lack of trying.   

The Call of Duty series has appeared on many Nintendo consoles, including home and handheld. The GameCube was released in 2004 and the Big Red One in 2004. Many significant games like Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops II have been released on platforms like the Wii and Wii U. The Call of Duty game was even imported into the original Nintendo DS.    

Interestingly, not a single Call of Duty game ever made it to the Switch in the four years of the console’s commercialization. Nintendo has never ditched adult games on its consoles before. The violent and lewd Bayonetta series was picked up by Nintendo for the Wii U and received critical acclaim in 2014. Most recently, in 2021, Nintendo released No More Heroes III, the long-awaited sequel to the gory and lewd hack-and-slash series. As a Switch exclusive.    

But it may be a matter of capacity, not content. Gamer Revolution claims that the Switch cannot run graphically advanced games like Call of Duty games.    

Recent Call of Duty games is also notorious for their extended download sizes, like Modern Warfare with its 256GB at launch. In March 2021, Activision recently released a patch for many of its games so that players have room for more downloadable games. If a Nintendo Switch was released that could handle the entire Call of Duty space, it would probably have to be much larger than it is now.    

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