These are the top highly anticipated TV shows releasing this 2021

The year 2020 came with more surprises and shocks to the world than people expected. We thought it was just a matter of months; the months have changed into a year into the Covid Pandemic now. And, unfortunately, we still are under attack from this deadly virus. However, other than changing our work routines, this pandemic has also impacted many Television habits. There is the top highly anticipated TV shows releasing this 2021 as well.

 A survey was conducted that revealed that the viewers of the Television have a huge jump and reaching around 8.3 million viewers. With more time at home, we all got lazier than we thought.

 Our favorite companions, Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime, also revealed many people watch their favorite shows on the platforms. The report also suggested 75% of people are streaming the platforms more than ever. 

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The pandemic paused almost everything. A lot of TV serials had a tough time during the lockdown. They were stuck inside and were not able to shoot the series the way they wanted. Many directors changed their stories to give an ending to a show to fill the pause. 

Well, fortunately, at least 2021 has all those shows and series that we were waiting for months. 

All those anticipated TV series are coming our way; let’s tuck ourselves inside and watch and complete our favorite series as the wait has come to an end. At least we know that some good is happening in 2021, as the pandemic is still not over.

Now that I have caught your attention, sitting all excited to know which shows are hitting in 2021, let’s go through the list.

Gossip girl
Gossip girl

We all know that this TV show has taken millions of hearts. Gossip Girl is one of the most-watched TV shows filled with Drama and Mystery. With a fantastic cast of Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Kristen Bell, and Adam Chanler Berat, Gossip Girl is its kind show. 

As per the sources, they are planning to reboot Gossip Girl on the HBO Box platform. The producers also added that this new series will be welcoming a whole new cast with Kristen Bell as the narrator.

The directors and the team of writers emphasize showing a new generation of Upper East Side Elite people this time. Let’s see if this one hits the audience the same way the original one did.

House Broken
House Broken

Fox is coming up with their new comedy Animation with the voice of Clea DuVall, Nat Faxon, Will Forte, and our Favourite Lisa Kudrow. The producers are planning to add their new show, House Broken, under the aisle of the Critically-Acclaimed Series. This show is going to one of those fantastic comedy shows. The show is about exploring Neurosis and dysfunction with the help of pets and animals, presenting it funnily.

Monster at Work

If you are a fan of Monster Inc, then you would love, Monsters at Work. A new show is coming this 2021 that will remind everything about Monster Inc. The story revolves around cute young monsters trying to do everything possible to achieve the corporate ladder that can boost up his work profile to work with his idols, Sulley and Mike. The movie is still filming and has cast Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Leon Jones, and Ben Feldman. 

The Shrink Next Door
The Shrink Next Door

Casting Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell and Casey Wilson, ‘The Shrink Next Door’ will be an Apple TV+ show. It’s a comedy show that is still under making, and you will see will and paul reuniting the costars of Anchorman 2. They will be showcasing a Bizzare one between a shrink and a man where the manipulative shrink gradually takes over the man’s life.


2021 is also welcoming a fantastic series made from the old and gold comic book series, Invincible. If you have read Robert Kirkman’s Comic Invincible, you exactly know what I am talking about. The staus of the series are in the Post-production phase right now, and the fans are already freaking out. The animated action/adventure series will be an Amazon Prime Original. The show has J.K Simmons, Seth Rogen, Steven Yeun, and Sandra. Oh so, we know it’s going to be amazing.

Glow and Darkness
Glow and Darkness

Well, we also have something for all the historical drama lovers in the house. Glow and Darkness is the new upcoming show still filming and will be out before 2021 ends. The show has different interconnected chapters about Richard the Lionheart, Pope Urban II, St. Francis of Assisi, Lenor of Aquitaine, and many more historical stories. Moreover, the show’s cast includes Joan Collins, Bruce Davison, Steve Byers, and Denise Richards. As per the latest information, Glow and Darkness are expected to have three seasons for now; however, the director is still sceptical about it.

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