‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Fans Have a Theory Behind That Drowning Teaser Clip

There’s in no way a dull moment with regards to Jersey Shore Family Vacation — but, a preview for the Feb. 24, 2022 episode of the MTV collection had lovers seriously worried.

In the teaser clip, what appears to be a human frame is proven floating in a pool as one of the Jersey Shore forged members rushes over to probably shop them. So who was involved in a drowning accident in Season 5 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation?

A video clip of a person drowning on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ had fans freaked out.

The Jersey Shore group was on their Florida Keys journey while a horrifying state of affairs unfolded. As shown within the preview clip, Deena Nicole Cortese exclaims, “No!” as her solid associates stare at a pool in shock.

A man is shown leaping into the pool if you want to assist the man or woman in misery, accompanied with the aid of a short shot of a character lying on the ground next to the pool. While a person is hugging an emotional Deena, 4 men from the production team can be visible dragging the drowning individual out of the pool.

Who drowned on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’?

Like many teaser clips, this one only offers quick glimpses into what simply went down. It’s impossible to tell who changed into doubtlessly drowning in the pool because the sequence is heavily edited and the shot in no way lingers for too lengthy,

Add this to the reality that the frame inside the pool seems to be a lady with dark hair — however then the individual mendacity next to the pool seems to be a man — and Jersey Shore Family Vacation lovers have been left thoroughly harassed by means of what they just witnessed.

One Twitter person wrote, “OK … Does all people recognise who’s floating inside the pool from Jersey Shore Family Vacation?!”

Another viewer tweeted, “I don’t like seeing a body inside the pool and having that photo for a week! Not cool!”

Yet every other fan was hoping this changed into the case, commenting, “Please inform me Pauly simply threw the Sammi doll into the pool.”

What Twitter customers are possibly relating to is the existence-like Sammi doll Pauly D jokingly utilized in vicinity of the real Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola when she determined not to go back for Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Hopefully, the frightening drowning incident teased on Jersey Shore Family Vacation honestly is just a prank featuring one among Pauly D’s Sammi dolls. (The production group would have blurred the frame greater if it had been an real man or woman, right?)

It seems like lovers will just need to wait and see to discover what without a doubt occurred. But judging through the cast individuals’ preliminary reactions to the “person” drowning the pool, the incident at the least appeared actual to them inside the second.

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