Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Lost Arc

Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Lost Arc-The long-awaited sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark is finally here. After years of anticipation, western audiences can now hack and slash their way through the levelling and endgame experiences of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Dedicated players will be kept busy for hours with hundreds of missions, dozens of activities, and several progression systems.

It’s not always simple to enter into a new MMO, and Lost Ark is no exception. It’s easy to make mistakes in this game because there’s so much going on. To help you get a head start, we’ll share our top ten tips and tricks that we wish we’d known before playing the first Lost Ark.

  • Tier lists don’t matter

Some tanks are better than others, some are easier to play than others, and so on. That isn’t how the Raiders of the Lost Ark work. Out of the 14 classes available at launch, all of them are equally viable in endgame. We aren’t inflating or omitting any significant information. If you notice a class that looks like it might be fun, take it.

The typical holy trinity of classes—DPS, healer, and tank—doesn’t appear in Lost Ark. Tanks aren’t really a thing in Lost Ark, and the NA/EU version only has two support classes (Paladin and Bard). Support classes are in high demand on almost every server, so choose a Bard or Paladin if you only want to play a character that is highly valued in the endgame.

  • Don’t skip every side quest

The majority of levelling tips you’ll find on the internet recommend skipping every side quest in Raiders of the Lost Ark. And, for the most part, they are correct. In the KR and RU versions of Lost Ark, side quests provide dismal XP and awards, however Smilegate tweaked the NA/EU version’s payouts slightly.

Engraving recipes have been introduced to some side mission rewards in the western version of Lost Ark, greatly lowering the T1 Engraving grind for those who finish these objectives. You can choose to skip every side quest in Lost Ark in order to level up quicker, but before doing so, make sure you know what the side quest prizes are. It’s worth devoting a few additional minutes to the task if you see an Engraving recipe as a prize.

  • Expand your stronghold

In Lost Ark, your Stronghold is more than just a player’s home. This location, which is unlocked around level 25, serves as a base of operations for crafting battle gear, unlocking helpful bonuses, and even completing endgame activities (albeit with fewer rewards). Always have your Stronghold buildings actively progressing something, and use your life skills to obtain materials for your Stronghold.

  • Save your HP options

You’ll get two sorts of potions when you level up: healing potions that restore a fixed quantity of HP and HP potions that restore a percentage of your HP instantaneously. Keep your %-healing potions on hand. They’re the only potions you may use in the final activities of Raiders of the Lost Ark, and they scale extremely well. Leveling is much easier with the static HP potions, so take advantage of them. Put your percent HP potions in your bank so you can utilize them later.

  • Use the Bifrost System

The Bifrost technology in Lost Ark allows you to establish bespoke quick travel spots. Bifrost is a mechanic that allows you to save a location as a fast travel point for future use. It is located directly beneath your minimap. This works in conjunction with the Song of Return, allowing you to set up a series of quick transit spots to make traversal easier. You can increase your Bifrost slot limit by attaining the Crystalline Aura effect—Lost Ark’s subscription status—and earning Bifrost Keys via endgame activities.

  • Engravings are important and expensive

Engravings are a primary source of character strength in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and when activated, they give build-enabling boons. Getting the greatest Engravings for your class takes a lot of effort and Gold, and it may get even worse if you end up chasing the wrong ones. In MMOs, time equals money, and Lost Ark is no exception. Make sure the Engravings you’re hunting are worth using for your build before you start breaking ability stones and destroying jewellery. The greatest Engravings differ by class, so check out our Lost Ark site to find what the best Engravings are for your class.

You’ll go through a standard levelling process with your character, just like in any other MMORPG or online game, before participating in the ” endgame ” content. As you go, you’ll notice that the game has a lot of material that allows you to earn a lot of money.

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