Have you still not watched Young Riders?

What are Young Riders all about?

Western TV series The Young Riders follows a group of workers who join the Pony Express on the eve of the American Civil War. This fictional show began in 1860 when we saw the main Cast become the drivers of the Pony Express. Jay O. Sanders as the gunman, Fisher Stevens as the grandson of the CEO of Pony Express, and Brian Keith as the elderly liar rank among the best in Young Rider.   

The amazing Cast:

It’s always nice to see a promising actor on a show like this. While Ty Miller (The Kid), Stephen Baldwin (William F. Cody), Josh Brolin (James Butler Hickok), and Travis Fine (Ike McSwain) are all great performers (though they’re all obviously too big— — cyclists can’t help but weigh over 125 pounds), other performances I really enjoy. For such a large cast and limited venue, The Young Riders have done a fantastic job bringing out their moments to reflect their character.   

Young Racers is also an excellent opportunity to see young Josh Brolin and Stephen Baldwin in action. Now we fans have season 1, and we can’t wait for seasons 2 and 3… *uh* It’s a beautiful “little show that could” with a big heart and familiar charm.    

Diane Holloway of The Austin American-Statesman thought The Young Rider offered a new take on the standard western and praised the “beautiful” cinematography series. Kroll reiterated his praise as the second season kicked off, noting that the most successful series is now “turning around no matter what,” which they thought was unlikely. This was changed to a renewed focus on the various characters and their relationship with each other when the Cast noticed that they didn’t like     

The young Cavaliers also include Josh Brolin (Wild Bill Hickok), Stephen Baldwin (Buffalo Bill Cody), Melissa Leo and Anthony Zeb. The show’s creators have selected ten actors who have appeared in kung fu on Young Knight, including series stars David Carradine and Anthony Zebba. The creator of the series is best known as the creator of Kung Fu, a 1972-75 “East-West” about a Shaolin monk roaming the American West in the mid-19th century.    

Brolin made his directorial debut with My Brothers War, in which he also wrote and starred. It’s just as well, since he was cast as Ike instead, a role he truly made his own. Although Ike cannot speak due to a childhood injury, Ike communicates with the other bikers in a broken sign, learned by himself and instructed by his friend Buck (Gregg Rainwater).    

Travis joined The Young Riders in season two and continued to play in the series until freedman Noah Dixon was killed in the series finale. Lou is a young woman who disguises herself as a man but has a romantic relationship with another man (a boy).  

Inside the Pony Express Riders, people like “Buffalo Bill”,, Cody and “Wild Bill Hickok”. All members of this group will join the fight to help Native Americans, runaway slaves, and other groups with some problems with Native Americans. In my opinion, the best Young Riders performer is Gregg Rainwater (an Irish, Cherokee and Osage Native American actor), who plays Buck Cross (Running Buck), a half Kiowa who is Ike’s close friend.  

Yvonne Suchor, who plays the funny character Louise “Lou” McCloud (she introduces herself as a man who joins the knights, but is discovered by Kid and other bikers in the first episode when they help her save his siblings from their abuse rescued from the criminals of his father) his siblings, which I find very refreshing and adds an unexpected dimension to the show. The primetime series tells the story of a young teacher, Elizabeth Thatcher (Krakow), who has just arrived in Coal Valley, a 19th-century mining town on the western frontier, living with the wealthy society Cole grew up from it. A mining town on the western border in the 19th century, far from the rich life and high culture he grew up in.   

In doing so, Don Franklin became the third African-American actor to star in a TV Western, after Ray, who played Simon Blake the Shepherd (1965) in the final season of “Roadhead” Raymond St. Jacques and co-star Otis Young. Co-starred with Don Murray on the short-lived (1968-69) TV series The Wanderers. 

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