Did you know? The Dexter season 9 is coming out

Fans of the serial killer who killed people he knew and seemed like a regular guy couldn’t be happier! After eight years, he’s coming back to TV, and his show “Dexter season 9” is returning to Showtime.

Dexter is coming back onto our screens next year, and it’s going to be a return well-received by fans. The show has announced that Michael C. Hall will be returning as the lead for one final season, which will air next October.

Dexter is such a great show for all sorts of reasons. The story, filming style, and soundtrack are fantastic, and I haven’t seen any show as captivating as Dexter.

Talking about the show’s finale, Dexter exchanged his murderous ways to become a pacifist woodcutter.

“Unfortunately, people weren’t always satisfied with the way that show ends. There have always been hopes that some new story would emerge that was worth telling.”  

Dexter will be back in a new series of episodes to air in 2018. This time around, Dexter has left Miami and relocated to Iron Lake. A fictional town situated on New York’s iconic Big Iron Lake shores. The official Twitter account for Dexter has encouraged fans to tune in on November 17th for the long-awaited return of their favourite forensic technician. While we don’t know what Dexter is up to, some speculate that he’s working at a store called Fred’s Fish & Game.

Dexter season 9

Who’s In It?

Besides Hall, most of the current cast members are newcomers to the Dexter universe. At the upcoming #Dexter season finale, Clancy Brown will play Kurt Cardwell, Dexter’s main antagonist and unofficial mayor of Iron Lake. He realized the American dream of owning trucks by following in his father’s footsteps and has truckloads of fun playing a man who has denied himself any pleasure but power.

We feel delightful to declare that we are joining the cast of Stranger Things 3, and it looks like there’s a lot in store for fans next season. Not only will Netflix release the third series in 2020, but it will add additional stars added to the show – including Jamie Chung. The actress appears in 10 seasons of Arrow and is best known for

The article published on June 5th, 2021, by Deadline revealed that Trinity Killer, played by actor John Lithgow would come back in the new episodes of Dexter. However, Dexter killed this villain and so it’s not clear how his story will continue.

When Does It Come Out?

I can’t say what the specific date will be as of July 2021, but it’s coming in the fall. Shooting began in February, and we should have an air date for you relatively soon.

The Return of Debra

Debra was killed off in season 8–but that doesn’t mean the actress playing her will never return. In July, confirmed that Jennifer Carpenter has signed on to do a guest stint. Showtime didn’t go into many details about how they plan to reintroduce Debra (again) – she could return as a ghost, as Dexter’s imaginary friend, or in the form of flashbacks.

What About That Finale?

“Phillips has said that the writers have no plans to undo the events of that episode.” They have no intention of changing up those events. “Phillips told TVLine” in October 2020. ‘We’re not going to betray the audience and try and rewrite history. What happened in the first eight years?

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