What is the Nioh 2 alpha code?

 After making fun of Nioh 2, Koei Tecmo quietly announced a new closed alpha test. This fast alpha test will only apply to PS4, and there is no mention of possible PC versions. Koei Tecmo also released a video predicting the gameplay of the upcoming Nioh 2 Closed Alpha.    

The first taste of the gameplay teases things like demonic transformations and possibly more playable characters.   

As for how you can access the Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Test, there are currently no plans to distribute this alpha test to other users. 

How do I participate in the Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Test?

 You will be notified of the Closed Alpha Test by email from Koei Tecmo. If you own or have played the first Nioh, the only guaranteed method is that you will receive the alpha code in your registered email account with your PlayStation Network ID.    

You can do nothing to activate the invitation but keep an eye on the game’s social media account. Koei Tecmo shared the following announcement regarding the release of this new alpha test.

 “Several PS4 users are encouraged to participate in the closed alpha version of Nioh 2 to collect developer feedback. There are currently no plans to expand the alpha to allow the team to process the input but stay tuned to our channels. See future for more information. 

They will likely continue to pass additional tests as the game gets closer to launch. This happened when the first Nioh also got a playable demo, which will definitely happen with the sequel.   

Character Creation Cheats are special cheats for Nioh 2 that allow players to share their original character creations. You can save the code and screenshots by choosing “Save” and “Share” from the character menu. For more information on parameters, see Character Creation.    

Please note that codes for the PS4 version of the game will not work with the PC version (in writing). PC version codes start with “S-.” 

How can I share my code? 

To share your code, take a screenshot through the Share menu in the Save section, upload the image to your computer via a USB drive or send it in a private message, and open your PSN messages on the Playstation website in the program surfing the net. 

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