Sawyer: Best Character in Boyfriend Dungeon

While not the most splendid in the kitchen. Sawyer is perhaps the best person in Boyfriend Dungeon as they give both physical and shot harm to approaching feelings of dread. As you learn new capacities with them, you’ll understand how their weapon prevails in the dungeon.

Sawyer has a wide-range assault and the tossing capacity towards their adversaries. As your love rank additions with Sawyer. They likewise can immobilize and knock back the feelings of dread when they come into contact with their glaive structure. Sawyer is probably the most grounded character in the game, so we should plunge into the best form for the person. Remember that you change any person’s weapon eccentricities at the gym. You can discover it in the hub world.

The main emphasis you can make on the Glaive’s capacities is picking either the Flailing or Hurried quirk. If you pick the flailing quirk for this case as Boyfriend Dungeon inclines tossing influxes of foes at you in pretty much every example. Managing harm to all adversaries close by is a major benefit against the apprehensions and ought to be prepared. 

With Flailing, At the point when Glaive gets back from being tossed, harms all adversaries close by. However, when Hurried Glaive tosses and returns quicker.

Sawyer glaive

The subsequent cycle has you pick between a more extended length of your glaive toss or an expanded time period for the immobilised capacity. Here the best choice was the Overwhelm quirk as it serves you with better group control. Additionally, the rooms you battle in are moderately small, so you will not see a lot of an upgrade with the Enthusiastic quirk.

Overpower, Immobilize endures longer. However, with Excited Glaive’s toss goes further.

In the last cycle, Swayer’s quirks could use to either harm the enemies after their return, or you can shock them. This is a shot in the dark as both can be extremely helpful in a fight. We eventually chose to go with the Prepared characteristic as it indeed squeezes bigger hordes of fears encompassing you. 

With Heavy Heart, throw can shock the enemies, resulting in their inability to attack. However, with Prepared, you can inflict damage again on return. 

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