Know- How to Show Ping and FPS in Apex Legends

One way to measure how well a game runs is with FPS, and most players aim for around 60. If your game’s speed is too low, you will lose your immersion and not make that clutch move.

Putting too much strain on your graphics card, though it could produce the smooth action you’re looking for, may wear down sooner than expected. To figure out what your FPS is in the first place, all you’ll need to do is turn on FPS through Apex Legends’ settings screen.

Performing these steps should allow you to determine what frame rate you’re currently playing at and make any necessary adjustments to your performance settings.

Apex Legends has excellent graphics, and playing on your PC can be tricky. To track your ping and FPS here is how to display ping and FPS in Apex Legends.

 There are two ways to express your ping and FPS in Apex Legends, Origin application, or game settings.  

  • To show the FPS counter on Origin, first launch the Origin app. 
  • Then hover your mouse over your advisor ID in the bottom left corner, a mini menu will appear. 
  • Click on “Application Settings,” then go to the “In-Game Source Code” tab.    
  • You will find the View FPS meter button under the in-game heading.
  •  You can select the position of the FPS counter on the screen, such as the upper right corner, the upper left corner, the lower right corner, or the lower-left corner. 
  • To display your FPS counter in the game, click the game menu button at the bottom right corner or press the “Esc” key.    
  • Open Settings, and under the Game tab, scroll down to View Performance. 
  • Change the setting to “On,” and you will see ping and FPS stats on the game screen. 
  • You can control your parameters to optimize the FPS for a smoother gaming experience in the game settings.
  •  You might consider adjusting options such as Sun Shadow Coverage, Sun Shadow Detail, Effect Detail, and others.

 Follow these steps to enable the FPS counter for Apex Legends on PC.    

  • Go to the Game tab. Now you will see FPS and ping data in the upper right corner. 
  • Click on your advisor ID in the lower-left corner. Go to the Origin tab in the game. In View FPS, change the counter where you want to view FPS.    
  • You will see the FPS displayed in the corner of the screen where you selected it to view. 
  • Click Steam in the upper left corner. Switch it from Off to On and choose where you want to see the FPS. 
  • Now you will see the FPS and ping data in the upper right corner of the screen. 

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