How to Obtain Marine Armor Plans in Fallout 76

Generally, the rarest items in a game are the most useful ones. Similarly, Fallout 76 has got the marine armor. It is one of the rarest armors in the game. You won’t obtain it is easy unless you know how to craft it. However, even that is a tough nut to break as it is hard to come by the plan to make it. But, you don’t need to worry. We have a trick that will help you get the plans and hence the marine armor.

Marine Armor

The Plan’s Location

To get the plans, you will initially need to make a trip to Harper’s Ferry. You will no doubt find this region while bridging the wasteland. On the off chance that you haven’t, Harper’s Ferry can be located on the eastern side of the guide in the Mire. When you quickly travel to this area, you should show up before a structure(looks like an old damaged house).

You can identify the house by the massive opening toward its front. Once inside, you will see a lot of display cases. There is an enormous number of them all through the whole house. With three stories, there are effectively more than ten showcase cases to check.

The designs for marine armor can bring forth in any of these cases. Please take a look at them all, quit the game, and afterward load into another server. Keep server bouncing until you have every one of the plans. Here and there you will get similar plans. On the off chance that that occurs, you can generally sell them for some additional Caps or offer them to a companion. Assuming you need to grow your pursuit, you can look at the close-by-vendor bot. Every so often, the vendor will have the plans.

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