Youngest Billionaires in America According to Forbes

There are many rich people in America, and many of them are less than 40 years old. Here we have brought you a list of the youngest billionaires in America. (This list is based on the list produced by Forbes Magazine.)

Sam Bankman-Fried

1. Sam Bankman-Fried (29)

Profession- Crypto Entrepreneur

Net Worth- $22.5 billion

Industry- Tech, Finance

Evan Spiegel

2. Evan Spiegel (29)

Profession- Snap CEO

Net Worth- $13.8billion

Industry- Tec

Bobby Murphy

3. Bobby Murphy (33)

Profession- Snap CTO

Net Worth- $15.2billion

Industry- Tech

 Fred Ehrsam

4. Fred Ehrsam (33)

Profession- Coinbase Co-founder

Net Worth- $3.5billion

Industry- Tech, Finance

Lukas Walton

5. Lukas Walton (35)

Profession- Walmart Fortune Heir

Net Worth- $17.2billion

Industry- Retail

 Baiju Bhatt

6. Baiju Bhatt (36)

Profession- Robinhood co-founder

Net Worth- $2.9billion

Industry- Tech, Finance

 Mark Zuckerberg

7. Mark Zuckerberg (37)

Profession- Facebook CEO and co-founder

Net Worth- $134.5billion

Industry- Tech

Dustin Moskovitz

8. Dustin Moskovitz (37)

Profession- Facebook co-founder and CEO of Asana

Net Worth- $24.1billion

Industry- Tech

Brian Armstrong

9. Brian Armstrong (38)

Profession- CEO of Coinbase

Net Worth- $11.5billion

Industry- Tech, Finance

Nathan Blecharczyk

10. Nathan Blecharczyk (38)

Profession- Airbnb co-founder

Net Worth- $10billion

Industry- Tech, Hospitality

11. Scott Duncan (38)

Profession- Heir to an oil fortune

Net Worth- $6.2billion

Industry- Oil 

 R.J. Scaringe

12. R.J. Scaringe (38)

Profession- Rivian founder and CEO

Net Worth- $3.4billion

Industry- Automotive

Ernest Garcia III

13. Ernest Garcia III (39)

Profession- Carvana founder

Net Worth- $9.3billion

Industry- Automotive

 Lynsi Snyder

14. Lynsi Snyder (39)

Profession- President of In-n-Out Burger

Net Worth- $4.2billion

Industry- Food Service

Ben Silbermann

15. Ben Silbermann (39)

Profession- Snap CTO

Net Worth- $13.3billion

Industry- Tech

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