Here is How You Can Play PC VR Games Oculus Quest 2

To take your PC VR experience to the next level, you can use Oculus Quest. It is capable of working as a standalone headset, but it can give you an immersive experience when connected to a PC.

Things you need

  • Oculus Quest O
  • VR capable PC
  • USB 2.0 cable(or better) with USB-C connector for wired connection.
  • 5Ghz 802.11ac/ WiFi 5(or better) router connected via Ethernet.
  • Oculus Quest Software
  • PC VR game 

Set up play space boundary 

Before interfacing your Quest with your PC, you need to set up your play space limit. You’ll do this utilizing your Quest in standalone mode. At whatever point you put on your Quest in a space that has no put-away limit data, you’ll be approached to make one. So put on your Quest in the area you need to play and afterward either affirm that a legitimate limit is set up or make another one when incited. This will be a similar limit when you use PC VR.

Set up a wired connection 

If you are using Oculus Quest for the first time, you need to set up your connection first. Here’s the method to do it.

To set it up, you’d need to install the Oculus software using a file names OculusSetup.exe.Run. You will be prompted to log in to your account or create a new one during the installation process. (Linking a Facebook account is compulsory for Quest 2 users.)

Once you are done with the login process, you will need to set up your Quest for PC VR. To do so, first, click on the Devices option on the left side of your screen. Later click on Add Headset.

Now you will be asked to select the model of your headset. When you have chosen the model, you will need to choose the connection method, i.e., Link or Air Link.

After choosing your preferred connection method, you will see the Setup Complete screen affirming your connection.

Playing Native Oculus Games

Playing native Oculus PC games with Quest is no more complex than playing local Quest games. When you’re in the PC Oculus virtual space, you should get to your library and select the game you need to play.
Obviously, on the off chance that you’ve never done this, you’ll need to get going by really purchasing and downloading a few games. Some Quest games give you both PC and Quest adaptations of a game, so you may, as of now, see a few titles in your PC Oculus library.
You don’t need to purchase or introduce games from inside the headset. It’s simpler and more agreeable to do this utilizing your standard screen, mouse, and console.

Play PC VR Games Oculus Quest 2pc

How to play VR games and SteamVR Games

Any viable game with the old Oculus Rift is likewise viable with Quest utilizing Oculus Link.

SteamVR, which basically incorporates all VR games sold on Steam, is the stage most Quest clients will probably utilize other than the local Oculus store. Before you endeavor to run a SteamVR game utilizing your Quest, first ensure that SteamVR is installed on your PC. Basically, you need to look at Steam storefront for “SteamVR” and intall it if it isn’t now.

There are a couple of approaches to dispatch a SteamVR game to play with your Quest, yet every one of them necessitates that the Oculus programming is open.

The most straightforward way is to run a SteamVR game from your Steam library from the work area subsequent to associating your Quest and opening the Oculus programming. Then, at that point, basically put on the headset and play.

You can likewise launch it the same way from inside the PC Quest climate. However, you can squeeze the work area button on your Oculus VR interface and afterward open the game employing Steam.

The third strategy is to run SteamVR itself initially. This will take you to Steam’s own VR home climate. From here, you can change all-inclusive Steam VR settings and dispatch the games from the library inside VR.

Aside from SteamVR, other VR games will work with Quest as long as they list the Oculus Rift as an upheld headset. For instance, all we needed to do to play the Epic Game Store form of Trover Saves the Universe was tap the three spots on the game in the EGS library and select “Launch in Oculus VR.”

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