Google Brings New Android Updates: What’s in it for Gamers?

After a long wait, Google declared a significant new component for its upcoming Android 12 update on Monday. The latest update is making it better for those who like playing games on their android phones. It allows playing games while downloading them (even before installation). This could be exceptionally valuable for incredibly enormous games. As it implies, you will not need to stand by as long as to experience the game and begin playing.
Google said, “Users want to start playing right away, but as game quality keeps improving, their size increases, leading to long, dull downloads”. And this is the reason why most of the downloads are cancelled, as per Greg Hartrell, Google Play Product’s managing director.
The distinction, essentially for this situation, is very observable. However, Google says it is now “seeing games ready to open at least two times faster.”

Overall, present-day games are probably the most prominent applications you’ll look at any point download, and when that download for two or three minutes. With this new component, Google guarantees that it’ll require some half the time to play the more than 400MB game or somewhere in the vicinity. Suppose you’re a console gamer. This entire idea will likewise feel natural, given Sony does likewise for PlayStation games. 

Google Brings New Android Updates - PlayStation games

This feature is not Google’s first time allowing players to access the game faster. Though, it made similar attempts earlier with Google Play Instant.  

This particular feature works with the games that use the Play Asset Delivery System. If they use the system, designers will not have to turn the component on, as per Google.
The news comes as a feature of the Google for Games Developer Summit 2021, which runs from July twelfth through the thirteenth. On occasion, Google likewise reported another game dashboard for Android 12 that gives you simple admittance to utilities like screen capture and recording. The dashboard will be accessible on “select gadgets” not long from now, Google says.  

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