We have the six secrets you never knew about Domino’s. What are you waiting for?

Domino’s Pizza has been around for decades; anyone who’s ever ordered a pizza when they’re too tired to cook or after a late-night is likely familiar with the fast-food chain. They hit their stride in 1985 when they became one of the fastest takeout and delivery chains. Domino’s Pizza is an institution. You know what you’re getting – speedy deliveries and consistency of quality that can’t beat. But do you know about the chain’s lesser-known Secrets about Domino’s? Odds are you don’t

Many former employees have spilled the tea, and these juicy tidbits are getting out.

Here are eight Secrets about Domino’s doesn’t want you to know but might help make your next Pizza even better:

The employees have our track; it’s better not to play with them.

Domino’s customers enjoy a high level of trust because the person taking their order can review their order history. Customers are always very confident about getting their money’s worth and not being tricked or scammed. Of course, thanks to the highly sophisticated Domino’s ordering system, which has been designed to be customer friendly and secure from fraud.

“When you give your number, you will have the ability to chat with previous customers who have used the app before and see their last few orders to make sure that there isn’t anything that you are allergic to. You will also have access to notes from the previous people who have taken your order.”

Secrets about Domino's

Don’t Go Over 4 Toppings.

Common sense should tell you that ordering more toppings equals fewer toppings of a single ingredient- a pizza isn’t big enough to fit that much food!

“You might think that I’m taking advantage of Domino’s by ordering nine toppings, and that’s where you get played with your toppings. The more toppings you order, the more expensive it becomes because Domino’s charges by topping.”

“The portion sizes on a fully loaded pizza do start to shrink after the fourth topping. This is not because Domino’s are stingy. It’s actually because they want to make sure that you’re enjoying what you’re eating. After all, once you hit four toppings, the Pizza stops being enjoyable.”

Mistakes Are Sometimes Intentional

Domino’s employees are lucky because they get to eat some of the mistakes that happen in the kitchen. Sometimes there are extra pizzas made by accident, and they’re not always caused by accident.” It didn’t work with side orders because a leftover garlic pizza bread would easily find a new home on an upcoming order.

‘Plain Pizza’ Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

When ordering a plain pizza, make sure to specify “cheese” on the order if that is what you want. This poor customer learned this lesson the hard way when their Pizza came topped with only red sauce.

The pizzas were not as good as they are now.

Until 2009, Domino’s was pretty much all low-quality. Now, the chain is putting in a lot of effort to make better pizzas more refined.

An old video by a focus group showcased them eating the Pizza and telling their opinion about it. In the video, the group says that the crust of a dominos pizza is no better than cardboard. 

Domino’s has had to reinvent itself over the years to stay in the competitive field of pizza restaurant chains. They had to start from scratch, which was no easy task, but now they are one of the most successful company’s in the industry and have a compelling story about turning themselves into an underdog.

Italian Style and Regular Base Are the Same

Whether you choose the traditional base used on standard pizzas, or the Italian style (which is more popular on gourmet pizzas), you still get the same dough. The only difference is in the amount of time that you can spend with the game. 11.5-inch thick pizzas, which are classified as Italian style pizzas, are 9.5-inch regular pizzas that have been stretched extra thin to double the height.

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