Find Out About The Epa Colombia Controversy!

Epa Columbia is a successful entrepreneur and social media influencer. She rose to fame due to the videos she shared on social media. That was the time EPA was growing and not famous. She encouraged the Columbian soccer team in that video by shouting EH EH. 

When “El Brayan” published her message on social media, it became viral. She created her keratins line. She struggled to grow her firm, but in 2008, things started to change. Epa used Twitter to create content for her keratin company. Advice on how to utilize it.

What happened in the meeting with Alvaro Uribe in her latest controversy!

Epa Colombia joined hundreds of other Colombians in the streets of Bogotá to demonstrate during the 2019 national strike. The footage of her damaging a station became viral at that time. Many citizens of the city and the surrounding area view it as a violent act. And they afterward call for punishment for her crimes.

What happened in the meeting with Alvaro Uribe in her latest controversy

Recently she has been in controversy about her video where she is seen with the president of Columbia, Alvaro Uribe. She promotes her brand in that video with the president and invites people to buy and try her products.

This has drastically affected her social media, where she has 4.5 million followers. But after the videos, she lost approximately 100,000 followers. followers criticize her for this behavior. 

How influencers can affect politics

It’s very typical for people with high followers to have a significant impact on their audience. This is why they are known as influencers. This is highly negative when it comes to politics as they can easily share what they feel. And are optimistic about and can easily influence. Their audience is just because an influencer mentions it.

For instance, in Chile, during the historic national referendum last year. When the prospect of writing a new constitution was addressing, artists, influencers, and even sportsmen protested.

In the instance of Epa Colombia, she is promoting not only a name or a product but also her persona and viewpoints on particular subjects. Without her actually being a member of the political class, they can have an impact on a nation’s politics, for better or ill.

Life of Daneidy Barrera

Daneidy discussed drugs, religion, regrets, mental health, success, business, and why she believes Colombia to be a classist and homophobic nation in an interview with EL TIEMPO.

Influencer Daneidy Barrera has three million social media fans and three million Instagram followers, but she prefers to talk about getting another opportunity. She discusses topics like alcohol, marijuana, regrets, mental health, prosperity, entrepreneurship, the fabled keratins, and why Colombia is a homophobic and classist nation.

Life of Daneidy Barrera

Her mother has always described her as being highly energetic and obnoxious when she was a little child. she started using drugs at that point even though she didn’t need them. We always had food on the table and school supplies even if her parents did not do well in the madrugón sales. However, her pals got the better of me since she’s always been a pushover.

Conclusion: Social networks are becoming effective channels for staying in touch with others. They are also becoming a popular tool for so-called “influencers” to market products or spread content. Epa Colombia, also known as Daneidy Barrera Rojas, is a prime example of an influencer’s impact on people’s lives, particularly the political choices of those who look up to her.

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