Guide to Proboscis Cernos & Top Builds

The Proboscis Cernos is a plague bow that blends the grace of tenno craft. With the infected’s hatred, flexibility, and hostility. For players who wish to confront high-level content and spread a pandemic over the star chart. It is one of the game’s several bows and one of the finest infected weapons.

One of the numerous infected weapons in Warframe is the Proboscis Cernos. This one is one of the few weapons that build from scratch. What happens after the typical bow and arrow shot is where its true splendor rests. The arrow grows proboscises or tendrils that grasp adversaries. These tendrils paralyze the opponents while dealing base virus damage and slash damage.

How & Where Can I Find Proboscis Cernos?

If and when every tenno gets access to it. The blueprint for Proboscis Cernos is readily available on the market.

It is not, however, that simple to construct; to do so, a Mutualist Cernos is required. And Cernos is also required to build that.

The primary issue is the requirement for older models of firearms. These may acquire in the market, but sadly. Building a weapon without first maxing it for affinity takes about 36 hours.

Proboscis Cernos

Cryotic and Nitain extract are the two most difficult to farm for weaponry.

The Nitain extract may also obtain as a prize from night waves. However, if no night waves are active, it is simple to get via Ghoul purge bounties.

Sabotage assignments for reactors, resource caches, or Gift of the Lotus alerts.

The last step is to farm cryotic, which isn’t very difficult but can take some time. The ideal spot to farm cryotic is during excavation missions.

What are the main characteristics of  Proboscis Cernos?

Standard shot: It has a small magazine size of 9, which is a problem. It shares a property or gimmick with other infested weapons. Allowing it to deal poison or viral damage. However, like all other weapons, this only happens after the basic damage kinds are sold.

main characteristics of  Proboscis Cernos

Appendages: These appendages deal slash and virus damage instead of impact or piercing damage. Ridding themselves of the preceding two damaged kinds. These appendages always perform slash and viral, regardless of status chance modifiers.

Explosion: In addition to latching on to enemies and stunning them. The Proboscis Cernos explodes as the last phase of its assault. Doing direct viral damage and differing from its appendages. In that, it carries status chance alterations.

Advantages of Proboscis Cernos warframe.

The Proboscis Cernos is a status bow more so than a crit bow. Due to its high viral production and small magazine capacity. Only the Daikyu and the Mutalist Cerno can match its high base status chance among all bows in the game. It is far more forgiving because of the delayed explosion, which provides players time to escape the stagger radius.

Disadvantages of Proboscis Cernos warframe.

Due to its small magazine capacity, you will need to commit a mod slot, your warframe. Or a friend to procure a new supply of ammunition for this weapon. In addition to being immune to impact, pierce, and slash damage, explosion damage. Is also immune to crit chance and crit multiplier problems.

Now let’s take a look at the builds.

Standard status beginner build (status 4 forma): The purpose of this construct is to make the Proboscis Cernos less vulnerable to the grinner. By giving it a high-status probability of 94 while mostly doing corrosive damage. You must have the High Caliber mod and status modifications like High Voltage. And Malignant Force by the time you reach MMR 15. Heat is the weapon I would advise using in place of a storm bringer. Since it causes foes to thrash around. The arrows mutation is a mod that alleviates the issue of the small magazine capacity. By converting any other ammunition into that designed for your present weapon.

High Adaptability build (5 forma): This mid-tier construct uses galvanized ability to make for your missing status. And vile acceleration for a 180 percent firing rate. You would have to depend on your warframe for things like different damage kinds for this build. But that shouldn’t be too difficult if you are using a warframe like embers or xaku.Standard status beginner build (status 7 forma): The linked stun in this version is enhanced. By adding electricity to the original viral harm. This build aims to place less emphasis on elemental damage. And more on straightforward faction damage. The primed bane modifications in this construct have been specifically designed. To combat a certain group. Long endurance runs benefit greatly from the aptitude and galvanized chamber modifications.

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