Bryce’s new home is a pink and green paradise!

Bryce’s new home is a pink and green haven! After several years in Upstate New York, the actress and her family recently migrated to Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Jurassic World dominion actor gave a tour of her four-bedroom Los Angeles house, which she and her four-person family just relocated from upstate New York.

After relocating, Howard enlisted the help of a family friend, Claire Thomas, to create her ideal house, and the two shared a Hollywood-inspired point of inspiration.

The Interior of Bryce’s new home!!

Howard, after all, is no stranger to famous lives. She has undoubtedly seen her share of Hollywood history as the daughter of Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard and as a performer since infancy, which is why she opted to take a more personal approach while building her house.

“We had the opportunity to visit Mia Farrow once,” Howard told AD, recalling a trip to the Connecticut home of the Rosemary’s Baby star. “And it was a very magical location. Her home was brimming with stories and souvenirs from her famous life. ‘This is what we aspire to,’ [my husband] Seth [Gabel] and I left thinking. This is how we imagine our future house.’

Claire Thomas helped decorate Bryce’s new home in Los Angeles, where her family of four had recently relocated after decades in upstate New York. “Seth refers to Claire as ‘the bippity boppity boo woman,'” Howard joked about Cinderella’s problem-solving fairy godmother.

What went into the design of Bryce’s new home?

Howard and Thomas used “organic glamour” to describe their collaborative creative style, a whimsical combination of old Hollywood inspirations, vibrant vintage objects, and casual Californian vibes. “We knew straight away that pink and green would be the house’s dominant colour scheme,” Thomas says. “I often joke that I exclusively wear redhead colours that suit redheads.”

It works since I’m a redhead and Bryce is a redhead.” Those colours dominate the majority of Bryce’s new home.

Despite the home’s generally cheery disposition, there was still room for drama. In the dining area, Thomas incorporated elements of fantasy, which she claims connect to Howard and Gabel’s shared love of movies.

Bryce refers to it as her Miyazaki room,” she continues, alluding to Hayao Miyazaki, the famed Japanese filmmaker. Thomas used a mural-like wallpaper from Schumacher that portrays a starry woodland landscape that Howard compares to the magical forest setting in Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro, her favourite film.

Thomas commissioned Cooper Reynolds Gross, an artist and designer, to install reflecting brass panels on the ceiling, bathing the whole space in a dazzling, golden radiance.

The cinematic allusions, on the other hand, don’t stop there. For Howard and Gabel, who are die-hard Star Wars and Star Trek enthusiasts, Thomas added Star Wars and Star Trek references. (Howard helmed numerous episodes of The Mandalorian, the most recent instalment in the first franchise.) For example, Thomas commissioned a fresco on the home’s back wall depicting two suns rising from the horizon—a nod to protagonist Luke Skywalker’s fictitious home planet Tatooine—while a novelty Baby Yoda garlic holder from the forenamed reboot guards the kitchen.

You may also find many nostalgic artefacts and allusions throughout Bryce’s new home. For example, Tulips flourish on the guest bathroom walls, dating back to the summer they fell in love in Amsterdam—Howard had hosted Gabel in her dorm room while enrolled in a Dutch acting programme. Or the tiny canvas Thomas had embroidered with her and Gabel’s nicknames from their children for Howard’s 40th birthday.

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