Who is Josh Donaldson?

Who is Josh Donaldson-Joshua Adam Donaldson (born December 8, 1985) is an American professional baseball player who plays third base for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB).

 He previously played for the Oakland Athletics, Toronto Blue Jays, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves and Minnesota Twins. After playing college baseball at Auburn University, he was initially selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 2007 MLB Draft.    

Early career

Donaldson made his MLB debut with the track team in 2010 as a catcher, moved to third base as the group progressed, and eventually became an All-Star in the 2014 MLB season. After being traded to the Blue Jays, Donaldson voted. The American League’s 2015 MLB season MVP was named the 2015 MLB All-Star Game champion, earning the most fan votes a player has made in the process. Donaldson also won a silver bat, led the American League in RBI (Bonus Points), and scored points.  

He was traded to the Indians in August 2018 and then signed with the Braves as a free agent in November 2018. After a very successful year with the Braves in 2019, Donaldson signed a four-year contract with the Minnesota Twins on January 14, 2020.   

His early life:

Born in Pensacola, Florida, Donaldson attended Pace High School in Pace, Florida, as a sophomore and joined her friend PJ Walters after his mother, Lisa, transferred him to Faith Academy in Mobile, Alabama Played college baseball before the reunion. College. Donaldson is a shortstop and pitcher, is Alabama Gatorade Player of the Year, batting.


In football, Donaldson is a wide receiver, defensive end and player who set a school record with 11 interceptions in his senior season. Donaldson later attended Auburn University, serving as receiver and third baseman for the Auburn Tigers baseball team in the Southeastern Conference.    

In his first season in 2005, Donaldson hit .294 with seven home runs in 39 games and began learning how to play catchers. In his second season, Donaldson hit .276 and led the team with 10 homers; he also knocked down 15 of 38 stealers and had seven catches.  

In 2006, Donaldson played for the Cape Cod Harwich Mariners Baseball League, where he became an All-Star, shooting .302 from the field. The Chicago Cubs selected Donaldson as a receiver in the first round (48th overall) of the 2007 MLB draft.  

He also walked more than he hit, with 39 and 38, respectively. Donaldson was called up to the Majors for the first time on April 30, 2010, replacing injured receiver Kurt Suzuki. The next day, he recorded his first major league success by hitting two points against Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Dana Eveland. Donaldson officially became the third baseman during spring training after a catch early in the 2012 season.    

He started the regular season as an all-day third baseman in the first half, but difficulties sent him to the Triple-A Sacramento River Cats for most of the season. In mid-August, the ace withdrew him after Brandon Inge, third base every day, was placed on the disabled list for 15 days with a hand injury.    

Against Detroit Tigers rescuer Brian Villarreal, Donaldson hit his first career home run on April 12, 2013. It was the first win of “A” in 2013.    

Donaldson was selected as the starter for third base in the American League when he was first elected to the All-Star Game in 2014. Donaldson received the first Fielding Bible Award for his work on third base.   

However, Donaldson’s batting average dropped to .255. On January 22, 2020, Donaldson signed a four-year, $92 million contract with the Minnesota Twins. He hit .222 with 6 homers and 11 hits.  

Minnesota Twins

On January 31, 2021, Donaldson changed his number from the 24 he used in his first year in Minnesota to the regular 20, vacated by the recently deceased Eddie Rosario. On May 29, 2021, Donaldson scored his 2,000,000th game in MLB history with a significant rule double by Nelson Cruz against Kansas City Royals pitcher Irvin Santana. 

New York Yankees

On March 13, 2022, the Twins traded Donaldson, Isaiah Keener-Falleff and Ben Rotveit to the New York Yankees for Gary Sanchez and Gio Ursierra. 

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