At the White House, Matthew McConaughey pleads for sensible gun regulation

The 52-year-old actor is from Uvalde, Texas, where nineteen students and two teachers were shot and killed recently at Robb Elementary by the accused Salvador Ramos. Matthew McConaughey demanded ‘ Responsible gun ownership ‘. Matthew McConaughey gave an emotional speech mainly addressing the recent shooting in his native town.

The versatile actor also met President Joe Biden privately in the White House. Addressing the press conference after his emotional and firm speech, the actor clarified that this is not just a mainstream celeb stunt to swing by for an open cause.

Matthew McConaughey expressed his grief about the recent incident and stated how much it shook him being a native of that place.

The draft of ‘Responsible Gun Ownership’ by Matthew McConaughey

In his Tuesday press conference at the white house, the actor suggested various implementations valid for consideration to prevent such tragedies in future.

  • The actor suggested the need for ‘ heightened gun responsibility, where he basically meant that owning a gun is not a privilege but a due responsibility.
  • He clearly stated that it is high time to consider the need for tighter and more rigid gun laws.
  • Matthew McConaughey suggested that there should be a mandatory background check for all gun purchases nationwide, and no state-specific flexible laws should be considered.
  • He strongly suggested that the minimum age to buy a gun should change to at least 21 years of age.
  • The actor also put emphasis on implementing the ‘Red flag law’ at a national level and not being state-specific. The law basically gives an individual a right to petition the court for the removal of arms from a person who they believe might hold the potential to hurt themselves or others.
  • He also suggested setting up a structure allowing a national waiting period to acquire or buy a gun. 

Matthew McConaughey claimed he spoke with “responsible” gun owners in Texas and that many agreed with his proposed limitations.

Matthew McConaughey respects the Republican perceptions but calls for a greater sense.

Recently, the Republicans suggested that more focus should be on the students’ mental health and security in schools to improve. Republicans also believe there is no need to restructure or amend the pre-existing gun laws.

Matthew McConaughey addressing the press on this, stated that “ All of this makes sense”.

But he was firm on amending the pre-existing gun laws as they provide a better chance to keep the gun and other arms away from the people who are a potential threat to the society and young blood of the nation.

He also expressed his perception of focusing on the students’ mental health but stated it as ‘ An everlasting responsibility.’Matthew McConaughey suggested that fixing people’s mental health or the young ones, is an all-time job.

The major cause for such shootings is the easy access of such lethal weapons to anyone.

He strongly urged the need to keep the arms away from potential threats to the society to avoid another incident like the one that traumatised his hometown.

Matthew McConaughey got emotional recalling his visit to the hometown

Addressing the press, the actor got emotional when he recalled the visit to his hometown. Where he went to share condolences with the parents of the lost soul. The actor claims that meeting the affected parents changed his outlook on life, and he is a completely a new man now.

He stated that all the parents that have lost their loved young soul, and one thing was common in every one of them that they wanted the loss of their loved ones to simply matter somehow so that no parent has to go through this life-changing trauma ever again.

Maybe that’s why the actor took this initiative to change gun legislation in such a way so that the possibility of such happenings can be minimised.

Is the actor expecting a political comeback?

When asked by the press about a possible comeback in politics, Matthew McConaughey made it clear that he is not looking for a political comeback in any near future.

Clearing the doubts, he expressed his reason.

He was taking this initiative simply so that no other tragedy happens anywhere like the one which shook his hometown.

The actor, in previous times, has revealed his interest in running for the governor of Texas.

A challenge to implement

It is not the first time someone has suggested a valuable change to the pre-existing gun laws in the states. The challenge is the general population which has vastly polarised views about this issue.

Politically, the Democrats will definitely consider this plea valid, but on the other side, the Republicans might be rigid in considering anything with the pre-existing laws about this issue.

The 2nd amendment has always been on the table for reconsideration, and now is the time to simply act on it.

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