The Mercedes-AMG V8 is anticipated to loaf around for any other decade

In an interview with Road and Track. The Mercedes-AMG V8 chairman Philipp Schiemer indicated that the AMG V8 hasn’t yet reached its top.

“I suppose for the next ten years we will see the V8s, for certain. We have lots of customers who love their cars and I still think that we will see the ones human beings buying the [V8] vehicles for a long term,” said Schiemer.

Mercedes-Benz, which includes the Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-AMG brands. Therefore, has already pledged to head all-electric by way of 2030 “wherein marketplace conditions allow”.

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance

The Mercedes-AMG V8

All of its new structures from 2025 onwards will be EV-simplest. Although models on current systems will hold to use internal combustion engines past 2025.

Mercedes-AMG Chief Technical officer, Jochen Hermann, highlighted the capability of electrified ICE powertrains. Hence, citing the Mercedes-AMG GT sixty-three S E Performance that’s set to reach Australian soil inside the second half of 2022.

“You have this greater energy, like low-quit torque which is greater of a problem for a combustion engine,” stated Hermann.

“We get that instantaneous torque, while, you understand, on a German Autobahn […] that is where the V8 engine kicks in.”

It’s powered with the aid of a four Zero-litre dual-faster V8 with an electric-powered motor at the rear axle. This produces an astounding 620kW of energy and 1400Nm of torque.

The 150kW/320Nm electric motor is blended with a -pace transmission and a digital limited-slip differential.

The GT sixty-three S E Performance with this powertrain can do the 0-1.00km/h dash in 2. Nine seconds and pinnacle out at 316km/h.

Hermann stated Mercedes-AMG is fast realizing it is able to achieve this a great deal more with this hybrid technology.

“I assume it’s the thrill we’ve got this new format,” stated Hermann.

“And the aspect is, now having gone via all this we realize there’s so much extra that we can do with a powertrain format like this.”

Mercedes-AMG is also searching past its V8 and exploring further hybrid 4-cylinder models, in addition to absolutely-electric powered models.

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