Are you looking for the best Shock absorbers for your Car?

Shock absorbers work great for years or even decades, and models from this list will generally be reliable, with a few notable exceptions that you might also want to consider. 

These are the best shock absorber brands we’ve found. 


This manufacturer is considered one of the most reputable in the commercial vehicle and automotive industry. Today

celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. The company produces high-quality shocks and struts for automobiles across various makes and models.

This company is recognized as a leader in the industry for offering control and precision of rides.


Offering hydraulic shocks and struts they call “top-of-the-class,” this manufacturer began as Kayaba Research Center in Japan in 1919. They started by making hydraulic dampers until they became a world leader in aftermarket parts.

This brand provides products to today’s leading automakers. KYB produces shocks for 25% of the cars currently on all roads in Europe, Japan, or the United States.


If you are into off-roading in your Car, this company is the right choice. The company started in the late nineteenth century and later began producing automotive accessories in 1928.

Their first novel product was the world’s first usable side jack, but now they are an OEM supplier to many of the world’s top brands in the auto industry. All suspensions are tested by the company before they are approved for sale.

Fox Racing

This company has become a trusted name by providing quality ATVs and snowmobiles.

Their coil-over design, along with bypass designs and their highly adaptable body frames, can give you the most comfortable ride in a bike set in just about any environment. Though they’ve only been in business for 30 years, your truck or Jeep no longer manufacturers products that cannot be anywhere in the world.


 A premium supplier of shock absorbers, you can find products made by this company today in most entertainment stores. Their history dates to 1900, when their founder began creating notable automotive horns that used horn loudspeakers. The “Snubber” manufactured the world’s first direct-acting shock absorbers in just seven years.

Their independent attitude led to the invention of hydraulic shocks and the first adjustable ones. You can always expect something avant-garde when you choose this brand.


Billed as the premier manufacturer of adjustable and performance shocks for every type of vehicle, you will find higher tolerances with this brand. Each product is perfectly designed to fit your car or truck.

These machines adapt to individual car applications so that performance is always user-friendly. The device also eradicates any performance issues you might have been having previously. Manufacturers use testing units to measure this technology, revealing remarkably consistent results.


In 30 years, Rancho began in Long Beach as a Jeep agency. It grew to be one of the world’s leading companies for off-road and performance suspension products.

The RS5000 shock absorber is their best-selling product of all time. When you order this brand, then you’ll have a fully engineered item built specifically for the environment you choose.


Plenty of shock absorbers are available at this manufacturer, including MAX models, which guarantee steady performance.

It offers 180-degree directional mounting for each vehicle with custom tuning for improved performance.

Other specific types of shocks that come this way with many different valving options and a limited lifetime warranty provide you with a smooth ride at any speed.


This dealership might not have the widest range of products and designs, but their shocks and struts will perform well with just about any automobile made today–including those sold in Asia. Every DTA product from this producer is designed, engineered, and made using the best practices in ISO-9002 certification.

Several groups make this brand’s car parts available nationwide, so you might need to ask your local Nissan retailer about fitment.


This company got started in 1983 with the idea that it could lower the suspension on a Chevy pickup, improving its performance. Before they started to provide products to the local communities, vehicle owners were using shocks that weren’t intended for their vehicles, making it almost impossible to be roadworthy.

Belltech releases a new truck craze in the United States by changing a few truck dimensions to create a sport truck.

In buying a shock absorber, you should buy a high-quality product that will give you a comfortable and safe trip. There are many different types of shocks available on the market, but always make sure they’ll fit your specific vehicle type and model.

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