Chrome 96: What’s New?

Google brought in the new version of Chrome, the Chrome 96, on 16 Nov. With new updates comes new features. The only drag is that the new Chrome will use more of your RAM. But what is it going to be used for? We will answer this question for you here.

Faster Backward and Forward Navigation

Chrome has made sure that you do not have any delays while you are browsing. In the new update, you will get faster backwards and forward movement on your browser. To make the moves faster, they use new caches that save the sites you are on. This way, you can navigate more quickly while browsing. This is one of the things that come down heavy on your RAM.

Maintains Metadata

One odd characteristic of Chrome has been how it eliminates metadata for PNG records pasted from the clipboard. No other program does this. Fortunately, Chrome 96 fixes this conduct. PNG records you paste into Chrome will hold all the related metadata.

Using Dark Mode Site Wise

The dark mode has been up and running for mobile on Chrome, but Google is attempting to bring some more fine-tuned controls into it with the new updates.

With these controls, you will have the freedom to select the sites you don’t want using dark mode.

Empowering the flags will add a dark theme checkbox. When you uncheck it, the site you’re right now seeing gets added to the exemption list. You can generally flip dark mode back on from the menu once more. This is great for that sites that don’t look extraordinary in a dark theme.

Getting Ready for Chrome 100

Google is preparing Chrome for its version 100, due next year. Version 96 brought in a new runtime flag that causes Chrome to return “100” in its user agent string. You can find this flag at chrome://flags/#force-major-version-to-100.

Other New Things

Chrome 96 update

Because of the frequent releases, there are not much bigger changes with the updates. Still, there are a lot of changes that you might see after a deep study. We have enlisted a few of these changes here:

  • The autofill pseudo-class enables styling aut-filled form elements.
  • The websites will always be connected via HTTPS if an HTTPS record is available from DNS.
  • Chrome 96 is running a test on Google Photos for the new tab page.
  • New “importance” attributes are available to influence the computed priority of a resource.

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