New Force Sensors on the AirPod; A comfortable way to handle controls

The problem that we all use to face with the Air pods has been taken care of by the makers in the best and most comfortable way possible. They have come up with the idea of Force sensors to handle the controls on the Airpods. These things qualify as the best accessibility option without applying much pressure and using minimal gestures.

Earlier with gadgets like these, users used to face difficulties in using buttons that made it uncomfortable for the ears. Therefore, sometimes results in the earpiece falling off without being noticed. Yet now, These new technical systems solve the problems of pressing the buttons and applying pressure as earlier with the old wired earphones. Though for this they use ingenious technology that uses not only a capacitive touch system but also a pressure system.

The problem with the buttons on this type of gadget is relatively new. As earlier the earphones used to have wires and ample space for all kinds of buttons to manage all the handling on the gizmos. However, these new devices don’t have any space to spare for any kind of attachments. This compiles the manufacturers to come up with new ideas. Moreover, most of these AirPods are equipped with touch sensors working with tap the device a certain number of times to perform different functions like play, pause or skip.

But this was not a perfect solution as sometimes the users have to push for it to sense the touch pushing the earphone further in. Instead making it highly uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The makers had no option but to come up with a better solution.

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New Technologies with Solutions

The solution came in the form of pressure sensors combined with a touch that works with a very light touch and avoids all the problems flawlessly. Though the control systems are very similar to the earlier method. Likewise, single touch for play and pause, double-tap to skip forward, and triple tap to skip back. There is also a fourth toggle mode that helps you skip through options of noise cancellation.

The design is so clever that it guides you to the buttons and makes it very evident where to press for a response. 

The design is with such sophistication details that it doesn’t physically respond to the touch. But responds by a sound that has been inbuilt to inform the user of the touch. It also provides the feature of customization options for various functions.

How to customize gestures on Air pods?

The AirPods also provide the opinion of customized gestures for your comfort.

Before starting the process of customising, first of all, check your device for updates. It needs to be updated to handle the latest connections.

Moving further, connect your AirPods normally with your device by placing it in your ears and opening Settings>Bluetooth. Later touching on the information icon.

You will see the options of left or right AirPod now select the one you want to customize. Now you will have the option of Siri. However, regarding Noise cancellation choose the option you want to work with and move on with your customization.

The company seems to have no intention of settling with the development. There are rumours that Apple is working on a new design that is supposedly to lose the stalk completely and be a design with an earpiece that perfectly fits the ear.

This development of pressure sensors has taken Apple way ahead of the competitors and rival companies because the tech in other such devices is nowhere close to how this works with comfort and precision.

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