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Located just outside the small town of Ponce de Leon, Florida, you’ll find the beautiful oasis of Ponce de Leon Springs State Park. Are you planning to visit Ponce de Leon Springs? if yes so read this for build your interest.

Where is the park located?

Ponce de Leon State Park in Holmes County, Florida. Florida is located midway between Pensacola and Tallahassee, making it a great place to stop travelling sideways through the Florida Panhandle.    

De Leon Springs is located about an hour north of Orlando, in beautiful countryside dotted with natural springs, state parks, and fantastic opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities. 

Ponce de Leon Springs


The Ponce de León Springs, named after the supposed discoverer of the Fountain of Youth, is located in a state park with picnic areas, two short hiking trails, and a large bathhouse. In the public place, you will find the springs of Ponce de Leon, two hiking/walking trails, picnic tables and gazebos, grills, toilets and showers.   

The parks are large natural springs, producing 14 million gallons of water per day and maintaining 68 degrees all year round. The standout feature of this 625-acre park is the spring that overlooks the beautiful Spring Garden, which produces 19 million gallons of water per day at 72 degrees all year round. 68-degree chalky blue water invites swimmers to take a dip in this first-rate spring, which erupts 14 million gallons of clean, clear water daily.    

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The spring water feels freezing on the first dive but is refreshing in the summer heat. We had a chance to see the most beautiful: where the crystal clear waters merge into a tea-coloured river. We took a short walk to watch the river, where the water combines with the river coloured with red tannin, and then we went up a small stream to this area. You can go down a little to where the source flows into the river.    

Half of one of the forest trails ran along the Sandy River, and the other half stretched back to the source of the springs. After visiting the mainsprings, we went on a short hike along the forest paths. We parked the car, took our things and walked down the short path to this beautiful spring. Walking along with the spring and forest paths, we enjoyed the untouched forest scenery with crystal apparent water intertwining between the banks and found exciting plants and funny mushrooms.   

The most beautiful spots of the park?

This beautiful spring is as clean as a swimming pool and an excellent place for a family vacation. There is no better place to swim in Florida during the summer than the calm, clear waters of Florida’s natural springs. This beautiful spring is named after Juan Ponce de León, who in 1513 led the first Spanish expedition to Florida in search of the Fountain of Youth, legend has it. While Ponce De Leon himself may not have set foot in the cool and gotten younger, a refreshing sense of youth will undoubtedly follow spring bathing.    

Its spring favours a refreshing summer bath; the river created by the spring is suitable for kayaking, and the park itself tells a fascinating Florida story. 

Has the park been used for all kinds of social events since the mid-1920s? 

There are burial mounds built by primitive people, and two ancient canoes were found in the spring. The park was once owned the Smithgall family, who made a wooden retaining wall around the spring in 1926 to prevent erosion.   

Fortunately, the community mobilized to save the land, and it became a state park in 1982, repeating this pattern with many other former attractions that are now parks, including Ocala’s Waikiwachi, Rainbow Springs, and Silver Springs. Ultimately, De Leon Springs became one of the most fantastic attractions on Disney’s Front Street in Florida, with hotels, ballrooms, beautiful gardens, trams and cruises. After Spanish settlers migrated to Florida, these springs quickly became a popular tourist attraction, and their clear waters are famous for fishing, drinking, and bathing in hot weather.    

Although the springs are named after Juan Ponce de León, they were previously settled by a group of Native Americans with a rich history of activity in the area. These indigenous peoples give the springs significant rich history, hunting and living in the area long before Spanish settlers moved to the region in 1821. I could fully imagine what would have happened in less populated regions if Ponce de Leon had stumbled. On it, in this beautiful spring in all its wild glory.  

The springs are unique to Florida, so worth a visit, even if it’s only for an hour. The springs are the size of several pools, and the lazy creek that flows into the Sandy River offers visitors another place to relax. The Spring Run Trail runs along a spring track and a tea-coloured sandy stream.

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