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What do I have to do for Bermuda Travel Authorization?

 Visitors to these islands will need to complete the online Bermuda travel authorization process one to three days before departure, which costs $75… See advice for fully vaccinated travellers. 

What would be the procedure?

Whether tourists or residents, all travellers entering Bermuda must complete the online Bermuda Travel Authorization process, which gathers vital information for the island’s health and immigration authorities; it requires a $75 fee, including COVID-19 in Bermuda the cost of the test.

 If the visitor’s country of origin requires a negative COVID test to return (e.g., the United States), Bermuda will automatically arrange and conduct appropriate testing using the information on the Traveler Authorization Form.    

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What about the PCR Testing?

Outbound PCR testing will be automatically arranged two days before the traveller leaves Bermuda (based on the departure date on the travel authorization). All international travellers and residents of Bermuda, regardless of vaccination status, must obtain proof of a negative COVID RT-PCR test within five days of arrival in Bermuda and upload this proof to the online travel authorization form. 

Test results must be entered through the online travel authorization process 1-3 days before arrival and submitted upon arrival in Bermuda. Complete a travel authorization form within 24-72 hours of leaving the country for all visitors to Bermuda; provide proof of a negative pre-arrival test within four days of arriving in Bermuda; unvaccinated residents and visitors two years and older will need to be tested on arrival and again on the fourth and tenth day of complete vaccination in Bermuda.    

Visitors without a pre-arrival test presentation will not be able to obtain a travel permit and enter Bermuda. All vaccinated travellers, including residents of Bermuda, must remain in quarantine until all vaccinated travellers receive a negative PCR test result upon arrival in Bermuda (outcomes are usually available within 24 hours). Bermuda residents applying for an entry permit who have left Bermuda in 72 hours or less may take an exit test to return to Bermuda. Officials require all individuals wishing to travel to Bermuda to apply for a government permit by completing the form 1-to three days before departure.  

What all documentation would I need?

To make an appointment, travellers must provide proof of travel to Bermuda within seven days, including flight number and date. Some destinations will require travellers to be tested for COVID-19 and confirmed negative before boarding a flight from Bermuda.

 Permission will not be granted to travellers who do not provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test result using a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test conducted five days before departure for COVID-19 Bermuda. Ninety-five per cent of respondents believed, upon leaving the survey, that island protocols, including before travel, … 1) The original wording in the travel authorization form instructions, in bold, would not allow entry to Bermuda. 

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